Buraidah Food Guide: 10 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Buraidah

Buraydah (Arabic: بريدة‎ Burayda) is the capital of Al-Qassim Region in northcentral Saudi Arabia in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. Buraydah lies equidistant from the Red Sea to the west and the Persian Gulf to the east. It has a population of 614,093 (2010 census).

1. Applebee's Restaurant

Abo Bakr Alsdeek Rd, Buraidah Saudi Arabia http://www.applebees.com Lunch, Dinner Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service American, South American, Central American
Overall Ratings

4 based on 35 reviews

Applebee's Restaurant

Reviewed By Imran T - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Fine Dine Fast Food Restaurant

Must try one time little expensive but some time spend if you ear money.having all fast food menu.starter maybe start from SAR 40 per order keep min SAR 80 per person budget

2. Movenpick Hotel Qassim; Al Nakheel Restaurant

King Khaled Road, Buraidah 51497 Saudi Arabia +966 16 316 9999 http://www.moevenpick-qassim.com Dinner, Lunch Reservations, Seating, Highchairs Available International
Overall Ratings

4 based on 52 reviews

Reviewed By sulaiman2030 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


i can say, if you are looking for the best restaurant in buraidah, go there. i liked the food the service and the atmosphere "comparing to other restaurants there"

3. Seeneez

King Abdullah Street, Buraidah 51431 Saudi Arabia +966 9200 03066 http://www.seeneez.com/ Middle Eastern

Reviewed By Obada-Obada87 - Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Sneez restaurant

Really one of the excellent restaurant in which you can arrange meeting and be sure from the quality of food and the service

4. Pickles and Falafel

Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd طريق عمر بن عبدالعزيز, Buraidah 51432 Saudi Arabia +966 53 752 1113 http://www.falafel.sa Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night, Drinks Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Buffet, Seating, Parking Available, Street Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Television, Digital Payments, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards Lebanese, Fast Food, Mediterranean, Asian, Egyptian, Arabic, Pizza
Overall Ratings

4 based on 14 reviews

Pickles and Falafel

Excellent experience for local foods we provide many dishes to satisfy your taste and make your visit unforgettable experience.

Reviewed By ahmedyus - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Nothing special مطعم جيد و لكنه غير مميز

the provided food was good, the menu was assorted (not only green burger), but I was not able to find any special dishes all are normal but collecting in one place, maybe the only special thing is providing some tables for singles, but the food itself is normal.بخلاف توفير طاولات للعذاب و وجود العديد من الأصناف المتنوعة بالمنيو لا شي مميز علي الأطلاق الطعام عادي جدا و بعض المطاعم المتخصصة كفلافل عرفة أفضل منه

5. Al Nakheel Restaurant

Buraydah Qassim, King Khaled Road Movenpick Hotel, Buraidah 51497 Saudi Arabia +966 16 316 9999 http://www.moevenpick-hotels.com/en/middle-east/saudi-arabia/qassim/hotel-qassim/restaurants/restaurants/al-nakheel-restaurant/ International

Reviewed By THOMASFROMDAMASCUS - Damascus, Syria

You must try this great restaurant in Buraidah!!

The Al Nakheel Restaurant is located on the 9th Floor of the Mövenpick Hotel in the city of: Buraidah in Qassim Province. We ate there with our family and the Buffet was outstanding!!So if you are hungry and you want a very nice Buffet you must try this great restaurant in Buraidah in the Qassim Region.The selection of food is fantastic from a nice salad bar; 2 soups; over 10 hot dishes and then a great selection of temping deserts!! There was even a fresh Pasta Station that was quite enjoyable. The seating is both private and open thus giving a nice selection for all guests!!The service was top-notch as all waiters and the chef were very knowledgeable about the foods and the drink service was great.After your lunch we went out on the Terrace for a great view of the city of Buraidah.There is ample covered parking in front of the hotel and is free, of course…So next time in the area you must try the Al Nakheel Restaurant.

6. Feeshon Indian food

King Khalid Road, Buraidah Saudi Arabia +966 16 383 4488 http://www.feeshon.com Table Service Indian
Feeshon Indian food

Reviewed By ahmedyus - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Good But Not Special

The food is good, most of the ingredients are fresh, but the way they are cooking is so normal/traditional without any creation. the price is so so high comparing with such normal dishes. there is no are for the kids and the partitions between the tables are everywhere which will give you privacy but you will not enjoy staying there for a long time. On the other hand, the furniture & tables are comfortable and look nice.

7. Domino's

Al Qanat, Buraidah 52355 Saudi Arabia https://www.dominos.sa/ Lunch, Dinner

Reviewed By sobiau76 - Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Monday attraction

Actually never been there physically but best for online delivery. Esp for office love it's chicken legend ranch is yummy yummy too yummy with thick crust, chicken texmax, BBQ chicken is also good and stuffed cheese bread is,awesome. It's very cheap and affordable for large number of ppl like giving treat or party at home. on Monday's it's buy one get one free. I often give treat on Monday's;)And very quick delivery. For pizza my choice is dominos

8. Bash Coffee

Othman bin Affan Rd., Buraidah Saudi Arabia +966 56 954 4395 Drinks, Breakfast, Lunch Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Street Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards American, Cafe, European, Arabic
Bash Coffee

Bash Cafe is a specialty coffee shop located in Buraydah. We use selected coffee beans imported from distinctive farms from all around the world. Besides, we provide variety of hand made deserts.

Reviewed By yosfko

Bash coffee

Good place to drink coffee and use your laptop, also amazing view . Good staff and design, better prices .But they don’t have different kinds of sweet

9. Meaty buns

Al Bukhary Street, Buraidah 52378 Saudi Arabia +966 57 097 2121 http://Www.meatybuns.net American, Steakhouse, Brazilian, Grill, South American
Meaty buns

Burger and steak resturant in Buraydah

Reviewed By abouomar120

مطعم فريد من نوعه

مطعم فريد من نوعه في القصيم وفي المملكه طعم رائع تنوع في الوجبات خصوصاً وجبة الستيك والبرقر حجم كبير وطعم البطاطس مختلف عن جميع المطاعم وجبة الركان رهيبة بتوفيق للقائمين والعاملين في هذا المطعم الرائع

10. Pizza Hut

King Khalid Road Panda, Buraidah Saudi Arabia https://pizzahut.com.sa/en/store/al-khalidiyyah-buraydah Pizza

Reviewed By Compass154788

Delicious Pizza

I have ordered take away pizza from this lovely restaurant and it was a great experience.The pizza arrived warm and fresh. The taste was wonderful..Great experience

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