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Top 10 foods in Bribir, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Discover the best food in Bribir, Croatia including Restaurant Dida, Restaurant Rubin, Gostionica ZRINSKI, Bistro Corso, Konoba Studec, Restaurant Galija, Antika, Kantunic, Bistro & Caffe Bar Marina, Restaurant Burin

10 Things to Do in Zadar That You Shouldn't Miss

Zadar (Croatian pronunciation: [zâdar] ( listen); see other names) is the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea, at the northwestern part of Ravni Kotari region. Zadar serves as the seat of Zadar County and the wider northern Dalmatian region. The city proper covers 25 km (9.7 sq mi) with a population of 75,082 in 2011, making it the fifth-largest city in the nation.

Top 10 foods in Krilo, Croatia

Discover the best food in Krilo, Croatia including konoba Palacio, Konoba Argola, Kasa Grill & Bar, Pizzeria Antula, Cocopazzo Wine & Dine Bar, Restaurant Bastion, Restaurant La Fabbrica, Restaurant Pod Odrnom, Restaurant Dioklecijan, Restaurant Puljiz

Most Popular Restaurants in Jelsa

Discover the best food in Jelsa, Croatia including Kava37, Ko doma, Dalmatino, Fig Restaurant Bar, Bunar, VINTAGE wine bar, Fig Hvar, Lola Street Food & Bar, The Wine Bar - Tri Prsuta

Top 10 Things to do in Baska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Discover the best top things to do in Baska, Croatia including Vela Luka, Church of St. Lucy, Church of St.Trinity - Baska, Chiesa Di Santa Lucia, Adriatic aquarium Baska, Zipline Edison, Hidden Krk, Oto Nautika - Jetski Rental Center, Squatina Diving, Baska Rent a Boat.

Most Popular Restaurants in Matulji

Matulji (Italian: Mattuglie) is a town and a municipality in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia. It is located 10 kilometers (6 mi) west of the Croatian town Rijeka, north of the town of Opatija, and it borders Slovenia.

Most Popular Restaurants in Otocac

Discover the best food in Otocac, Croatia including Bistro Ribic, OPG Butina, Bistro Vrilo Gacka, Pizzeria Ruspante, Bumerang, Restoran Camar, Mirni Kutak, Konoba Konak

Top 10 foods in Sisan, Croatia

Discover the best food in Sisan, Croatia including Konoba Casa mia, Fresh sandwiches & salads, Epulon Food & Wine, Konoba Batelina, Salt & Pepper, BOCA bar, Restaurant Oasi, Konoba Ancora, Mediterraneo Restaurant, Konoba Boccaporta

Top 8 Sinj, Dalmatia foods

Sinj (pronounced [sîːɲ]) (Italian: Signo, German: Zein) is a town in the continental part of Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. The town itself has a population of 11,478 and the population of the administrative municipality, which includes surrounding villages, is 24,826 (2011).

Most Popular Restaurants in Liznjan

Ližnjan (Italian: Lisignano) is a village and municipality in Istria, Croatia. It has high biodiversity. There is a small church named Crkva Majke Božje od Kuj that dates back to the 17th century but was built on ancient foundations. It has a glass floor with an ornamental painting underneath. Importantly, the municipality also includes the remains of the ancient city of Nesactium, built by the ancient Histri.

Top 10 Vranjic, Dalmatia foods

Vranjic (Italian: Vragnizza) is a town north of Split, near the mouth of Jadro River, part of the municipality of Solin. Because of its beauty it was nicknamed "Little Venice". The church of Saint Martin, the pope, is a place of cultural heritage, with sacred folk music performers Crkveni pjevači župe Sv. Martina - Vranjic.

Most Popular Restaurants in Munci

Discover the best food in Munci, Croatia including Konoba Vela Vrata, Konoba Puli Pineta, Konoba Danijeli, Pizzeria Orhideja, Peperone, Agroturizam Ograde, Jelenic Caffe bar Restaurant, Rotonda, Pizzeria Ulika, Agroturizam Botra Marija

Where to Eat in Brac Island: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Brac Island, Croatia including Kastil Gospodnetic, Beer Garden Pub, Arguola sandwich bar, Konoba Kopacina, Park Petrovac, Konoba Lus, Restoran Ziza, Restaurant Bago, Ranc Restaurant, Konoba Bokuncin

Top 10 foods in Sali, Dalmatia

Discover the best food in Sali, Croatia including Konoba Trapula, Spageritimo, Koniba Regula, Marinov magazin, Konoba Marin, Konoba Roko, Maritimo Caffe Bar, Restaurant Bocac, Konoba Kod Sipe, Pizzeria Bruc

Most Popular Restaurants in Sisak

Sisak (Croatian: [sǐːsak]; Hungarian: Sziszek [ˈsisɛk]; also known by other alternative names) is a city and episcopal see in central Croatia, located at the confluence of the Kupa, Sava and Odra rivers, 57 km (35 mi) southeast of the Croatian capital Zagreb, and is usually considered to be where the Posavina (Sava basin) begins, with an elevation of 99 m. The city's total population in 2011 was 47,768 of which 33,322 live in the urban settlement (naselje).

Top 10 Karigador, Croatia foods

Discover the best food in Karigador, Croatia including Konoba San Benedetto, Restaurant Belveder, Marina Restaurant, Agroturizam Spitz, Badi, Vecchio Mulino, Konoba Nino, Konoba Sole, Konoba kod Kristijana, Konoba / Trattoria Gatto Nero

Top 9 foods in Peroj, Istria

Peroj (Italian: Peroi) is a village in the Vodnjan municipality on the south-western coast of Istria, Croatia. Peroj originally dates back to the Copper age of prehistory, as testified by a necropolis within the old walls of the town. The town has been settled with families from a variety of origins throughout its history. During the occupation of the Romans, the town was named Pedrolo, and was a popular holiday destination.

Most Popular Restaurants in Mirca

Discover the best food in Mirca, Croatia including Beer Garden Pub, Konoba Kopacina, Konoba Lus, Restoran Ziza, Konoba Bokuncin, Restoran Punta, Konoba Vinotoka, Apinelo, Ranjak, Grill Garden

The 10 Best Things to Do in Pula, Istria

Pula is situated at the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula and is the area's largest city. Located beneath seven hills and with views of the Adriatic, Pula's unspoiled natural surroundings are magical. Known for its mild climate and tame, beautiful sea, Pula also has a long tradition of winemaking, fishing and shipbuilding. It is also home to many ancient Roman buildings, including the well-preserved, magnificent amphitheater.

Where to Eat in Marici: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Marici, Croatia including Konoba Puli Pineta, Pizzeria Grimani, Pizzeria Orhideja, OPG Agroturizam Familija Ferlin, Pizzeria Ulika, OPG Ondina, Pizzeria Palace, Moncastell, Restoran-Konoba Zminjka, Trattoria Castello

Top 10 foods in Sumber, Croatia

Discover the best food in Sumber, Croatia including Zijavica, Konoba-Pizzeria 2. Peron, Ristorante Nostromo, Konoba Puli Pineta, Konoba Stare Staze, Velo Kafe, Restoran Dorina, Restaurant Placa, Restaurant Kvarner, Pizza cut fianona