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Top 10 foods in Embakasi, Kenya

Discover the best food in Embakasi, Kenya including Soaring Eagle Spur - Nairobi, Java House Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Big Five Restaurant & Bar, Captain's Terrace Restaurant, Eagle's The Steak House, panari hotel, The Waterhole, Johari Restaurant, Tembo Street, Black Gold Cafe

Where to Eat in Nyanza Province: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Nyanza Province (Kenyan English pronunciation: [ˈɲaːnzə]; Swahili: Mkoa wa Nyanza) was one of Kenya's eight administrative provinces before the formation of the 47 counties under the 2010 constitution. Six counties were organised in the area of the former province.

Most Popular Restaurants in Ruaka

Discover the best food in Ruaka, Kenya including The Lord Erroll, Fonda NBO, Fogo Gaucho, CJ's, Open House Restaurant, Abyssinia, Tatu Restaurant, 360 Degrees Pizza - ABC Place, About Thyme, Seven Seafood & Grill

Where to Eat in Thika: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Thika (pronounced [ˈθika]) is an industrial town in Kiambu County, Kenya, lying on the A2 road 42 kilometres (26 mi) north east of Nairobi, near the confluence of the Thika and Chania Rivers. Although Thika town is administratively in Kiambu County, the greater Thika area comprising such residential areas such as Bendor estate, Maporomoko, Thika Greens, Thika Golden Pearl, Bahati Ridge, Thika Sports Club, among others, are within Murang'a County. Thika has a population of 139,853 which is growing rapidly, as is the entire greater Nairobi area. Its elevation is approximately 1,631 metres (5,351 ft).

Top 8 Things to do in Ukunda, Coast Province

Ukunda is a coastal town in the southern part of Mombasa mainly inhabited by the Mijikenda (the nine tribes) from the coast of Kenya. It paves way into Diani Beach a major tourist attraction.

Top 8 foods in Narok, Rift Valley Province

Narok (sometimes referred to as Narok Town) is a town west of Nairobi that supports Kenya's economy in south-west of the country, along the Great Rift Valley. Narok is the district capital of the Narok County and stands as the major centre of commerce in the district. Narok has a population of around 40,000 people, mostly Maasai. The Maasai, natives of Narok district, refer to Narok as Enkare Narok (meaning black water or dark water) named after, Enkare Narok, the river flowing through Narok town. The elevation of Narok is 1827 metres (5,997 feet) in altitude.

Top 9 foods in Eldoret, Rift Valley Province

Eldoret is a principal city in western Kenya. It is the second most important city in western Kenya after Kisumu and also serves as the capital of Uasin Gishu County. Lying south of the Cherangani Hills, the local elevation varies from about 2100 metres above sea level at the airport to more than 2700 metres in nearby areas (7000–9000 feet). The population was 289,380 in the 2009 census, and it is currently the fastest growing town in Kenya. It is also the second largest urban centre in midwestern Kenya after Nakuru and the fifth largest urban centre in the country.

Most Popular Restaurants in Nyeri

Nyeri is a city situated in the Central Highlands of Kenya. It is the county headquarters of Nyeri County. It is one of the oldest towns in Kenya having been established in the British colonial era in Kenya. The town was the central administrative headquarters of the country's former Central Province. Following the dissolution of the former provinces by Kenya's new constitution on 26 August 2010, Nyeri town is now the largest city in the newly created Nyeri County.

Where to Eat in Malindi: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama stopped at Malindi on his way to India in 1498 and erected a pillar that remains overlooking the harbor, however precariously, to this day. Still popular with Europeans, Malindi is famed for coral reefs that lie just 1,000 feet off its shore, best seen at Malindi National Marine Park or nearby Watamu. Game fishing, surfing and simply relaxing on the beach are popular local pastimes. The narrow streets and market of Malindi's old town are worth a visit.

Top 10 Things to do in Eastern Province, Kenya

Discover the best top things to do in Eastern Province, Kenya including Machakos People's Park, Maanzoni Sanctuary, Meru National Park, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Chalbi Desert, Makindu Sikh Temple, Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, Buffalo Springs Reserve, Chyulu Hills Lava Tube, Mwea National Reserve.

Most Popular Restaurants in Kiambu

Discover the best food in Kiambu, Kenya including The Lord Erroll, Fonda NBO, Village Market, The Forest Restaurant, 45 Degrees Kitchen, Club Sidai Oleng, Loswani Place, Jiko, Java House Ciata Mall, La Dolce Vita

6 Things to Do in Diani Beach That You Shouldn't Miss

About an hour south of Mombasa, the sparkling white sands and lush greenery of Diani invite you to relax under a beach umbrella with a refreshing drink. Try a camel ride for the tourist experience or book a bike tour inland for a glimpse of life in local villages. Diani is also a base for several safari companies.

Top 10 Things to do in Kisumu, Nyanza Province

Kisumu, officially known as Kisumu City (and formerly Port Florence), is a Kenyan inland port city on Lake Victoria and the capital city of Kisumu County, Kenya. At an elevation of 1,131 m (3,711 ft), the city-county has a population of 968,879, while the metropolitan region comprising the city and its suburbs and satellite towns of Maseno, Kondele and Ahero was estimated at over 1 million in early 2017. It is the third largest city in Kenya after the capital, Nairobi, and the coastal city of Mombasa. Kisumu is the principal city of western Kenya, the immediate former capital of Nyanza Province, the headquarters of Kisumu County and the proposed headquarters of the Lake Region Economic Block, which is a conglomeration of 13 counties in Western Kenya. It is the largest city in western Kenya and the second most important city after Kampala in the greater Lake Victoria basin.

Top 10 Eastern Province, Kenya foods

Discover the best food in Eastern Province, Kenya including Chicho Hotel, Pace Gardens, Maanzoni Lodge, The Red Tomato, Eeman Restaurant, Simbawells, Rubi's Restaurant, Flavours, Sunshine, Ryllod Sunrise Lodge

Top 9 Bamburi, Coast Province foods

Bamburi /ˌbæmˈbɜːriː/ is a commercial, industrial and local electoral, administrative and a tourist and residential area on the Kenyan north-coast which extends from the coastline on the Indian ocean to the surrounding middle and low-income settlements on the mainland. Administratively, Bamburi is in the Kisauni sub-county of Mombasa and has tourist and beach-front facilities, which include international and local hotels and parks such as Serena International Beach Hotel, Sai Rock Hotel, Kahamas Hotel, Haller Park and Butterfly Pavilion.

Top 6 Things to do in Kilifi, Coast Province

Kilifi is a town on the coast of Kenya, 56 kilometres (35 mi) northeast by road of Mombasa. The town lies on the Kilifi Creek and sits on the estuary of the Goshi River. Kilifi is capital of the Kilifi County and has a population of 122,899 (2009 census ).

Top 9 Kilifi, Coast Province foods

Kilifi is a town on the coast of Kenya, 56 kilometres (35 mi) northeast by road of Mombasa. The town lies on the Kilifi Creek and sits on the estuary of the Goshi River. Kilifi is capital of the Kilifi County and has a population of 122,899 (2009 census ).

Top 10 Things to do in Nanyuki Town, Rift Valley Province

Discover the best top things to do in Nanyuki Town, Kenya including Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy, Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve, Equator Marker, Lewa Downs Primary School, Odyssey Safaris, Ahambi Tours, African Ascents, Tropic Air, Journey Genius.

Where to Eat in Nanyuki Town: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Nanyuki Town, Kenya including LE RUSTIQUE LTD, Trout Tree, Kongoni Camp, Barneys Bar & Resraurant, Cape Chestnut Laikipia Sip & Dine Nanyuki, Morani's Restaurant, The Shack cafe and bakery, Carol's Cafe, Penguin Hotel and Restaurant, Le Rustique

Top 10 Nakuru, Rift Valley Province foods

Discover the best food in Nakuru, Kenya including Java House Westside Mall, Gilani's, Merica Hotel Restaurant, Jamia Food Mart, Java House Nakuru CBD, Kokeb Restaurant, Jikoni's Nakuru, Masala Kraft Restaurant, Signature Pub & Restaurant, Sixty Four Restaurant & Lounge

What to do and see in Coast Province, Kenya: The Best Places and Tips

The Coast Province (Swahili: Mkoa wa Pwani) of Kenya, along the Indian Ocean, was one of Kenya's eight provinces. It comprises the Indian Ocean coastal strip with the capital city at Mombasa and was inhabited by the Mijikenda and Swahili, among others. The province covered an area of 79,686.1 km² and would have had a population of 3,325,307 in 2009.

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