Most Popular Restaurants in Hafar Al-Batin

Hafar Al-Batin (Arabic: حفر الباطن‎ Ḥafar al-Bāṭin) is a Saudi Arabian city in the Eastern Province. It is located 430 km north of Riyadh, 94.2 km from the Kuwait border, and about 74.3 from the Iraq border. The city lies in the dry valley of the Wadi al-Batin, which is part of the longer valley of the river Wadi al-Rummah (now dry), which leads inland toward Medina and formerly emptied into the Persian Gulf.

1. Pizza Hut

Prince Sultan Ibn Abdulaziz Road, Hafar Al-Batin Saudi Arabia Fast Food

Reviewed By Rashed C - Hafar Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia

Nothing extraordinary

It's chain, so you know what you'll get even before you enter the place. The atmosphere is like any other, staff are efficient, the menu like all over the world. The food was as you expect from a chain - filling and satisfying. It's okay to visit once in a while.

2. Ousha

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahad, Dhahran Saudi Arabia +966 13 841 0000 Fast Food, Mediterranean, Asian, Grill, Malaysian, Arabic

Reviewed By 177aymank - Istanbul, Turkey

Great shawarma

Taste of shawarma is really super great the taste is delicious and the quality of meat and chicken is fresh . I like the decoration and overall quality of service is really worth the value

3. F&B Burger

King Abdulaziz Road, Hafar Al-Batin Saudi Arabia Lunch, Dinner American
F&B Burger

Reviewed By mohannada972 - Hafar Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia

Best burger in town

In my opinion, this is the best burger joint in Hafar Albatin.They have beef, mutton, chicken, and camel meat burgers.Their jalapino cheese bites are absolutely delicious.

4. BurgeryNow

Prince Sultan Ibin Abdulaziz Road, Hafar Al-Batin Saudi Arabia +966 55 737 8310 Lunch, Dinner American

Reviewed By mohannada972 - Hafar Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia

One of the best

One of the best burgers in Hafar Albatin.I recommend to try the double beef burger, the cute chicken burger and the mozzarella sticks. They're crowded, so I suggest you call and order beforehand

5. Shawarma Pie

King Abdulaziz Road, Hafar Al-Batin Saudi Arabia +966 50 529 9655 Dinner Turkish, Arabic
Shawarma Pie

Reviewed By mohannada972 - Hafar Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia

Kojek meal

Their Kojek meal is nice, consist of a shawarma pie, French fries and 3 dips.To be honest they were way better when they first started.* some items from the menu aren't available. * they're relatively slow, especially in the weekends.

6. Innovation Taste Coffee

6352 King Abdulaziz Road,, Saihat Saudi Arabia +966 54 168 6658 Dinner Italian, American, Arabic
Innovation Taste Coffee

Reviewed By AbdulelahA91 - Saihat, Saudi Arabia

Saihat- King Abdulaziz Road

Fantastic specialty coffee shop -relaxing atmosphere - nice view - single and family You would like it sure

7. Indian flavour

King Abdul Aziz Road, Sabya Saudi Arabia +966 17 326 6222 Indian

Indian Flavour Restaurant , your best choice to taste Indian food at the hands of the best chefs. The flavor of India offers different dishes of Indian food such as butter chicken and biryani rice in the way of Hyderabad, The shrimp are also offered in di

Reviewed By Salehah1402 - Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia


نكهة الهند هو مطعم من اسمه يقدم الماكولات الهنديه المتنوعه ذات الطابع الهندي الذي يتميز بالسبايسي الحار .

8. Habak & Rayhan

King Abdulaziz Road, Hafar Al-Batin Saudi Arabia +966 50 703 3123 Arabic

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