Most Popular Restaurants in Settsu

Discover the best food in Settsu, Japan including Petit Prince Ibaraki Funaki, Kyochabana Shinosaka Eki, Le Sucre Coeur, Tatsumiya, Suishibashi, Taj Mahal Everest Ibaraki, Chinese Bistro Uchida, Kfc, Namaste Taj Mahal Moriguchi, Doel Ibaraki

1. Petit Prince Ibaraki Funaki

8-10 Funakicho, Ibaraki Osaka Prefecture +81 120-347-810
Overall Ratings

4 based on 15 reviews

Petit Prince Ibaraki Funaki

Reviewed By miyakosyukujyobyebye - Kyoto, Japan



2. Kyochabana Shinosaka Eki

1-1-1 Miyahara Yodogawa-Ku Shin-Osaka Hankyu Bldg. 2F, Osaka 532-0003 Osaka Prefecture +81 6-6152-8751 Lunch, Dinner, Drinks Reservations, Takeout, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service Japanese, Asian
Overall Ratings

4 based on 131 reviews

Kyochabana Shinosaka Eki

The moment when I could write the sauce that used plenty of tomato in front! I do not collect! It is! Only famous tomato okonomiyaki is eaten by Kyobaba ♪ To dinner in osaka! To the sights of tourism! Enjoy the best momentum surrounded by staffs who are p

Reviewed By roslyny387

Good experience

The dishes we thoroughly enjoyed were - their famous okonomiyaki with tomatoes and the beef steak. We also tried their normal beef okonomiyaki which wasn’t too bad either. Overall their service was friendly & helpful and the speed of delivery decent considering how busy they were. Be prepared for a line so get in early. If not you can reserve after 8pm.

3. Le Sucre Coeur

5-20-3 Kishibekita, Suita 564-0001 Osaka Prefecture +81 6-6384-7901 Dinner Cafe
Overall Ratings

4 based on 37 reviews

Le Sucre Coeur

Reviewed By ykamachi - Mino, Japan



4. Tatsumiya

1-4 Betsuincho, Ibaraki Osaka Prefecture +81 72-624-0360 Japanese

Reviewed By FellowTraveler806459 - Asahi, Japan



5. Suishibashi

Masago, Ibaraki Osaka Prefecture +81 72-635-0333 Dinner Japanese, Seafood, Sushi

Reviewed By Odyssey806113 - Ibaraki, Japan



6. Taj Mahal Everest Ibaraki

3-10-23 Ekimae, Ibaraki 567-0888 Osaka Prefecture +81 72-621-1114 Lunch, Dinner Indian
Taj Mahal Everest Ibaraki

Reviewed By Himanshu B - Haldwani, India

Awesome Indian food...

Awesome food....i tried mainly indian thali, and other indian dishes.....even the beverage like lassi are also awesome....This is a perfect delight for indians living in Japan and specially those are not compatible with Japanese food and hate its me......!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Chinese Bistro Uchida

36-3 Koriminaminocho, Neyagawa Osaka Prefecture +81 72-802-3023 Reservations Chinese
Overall Ratings

4 based on 15 reviews

Chinese Bistro Uchida

Reviewed By neko_don - Osaka, Japan



8. Kfc

19-1 Kori Minaminocho, Neyagawa Osaka Prefecture +81 72-835-2611 American, Fast Food

Reviewed By sanagiyuki - Kyoto, Japan



9. Namaste Taj Mahal Moriguchi

2-82-40 Yagumohigashimachi, Moriguchi Osaka Prefecture +81 6-6908-3666 Indian
Namaste Taj Mahal Moriguchi

Reviewed By the_heron16 - Cardigan, United Kingdom

Excellent Indian/Nepali food

We were given a flyer at Dainichi Station by a personable young man, so we thought we'd give it a try. Not disappointed. We were a group of four adults and a one-year-old baby. The staff were friendly and helpful (made a fuss of the baby, who was delighted) and the food was really good and clearly authentic. Pricing was very reasonable. All in all a very pleasant experience.

10. Doel Ibaraki

4-101 Eidaicho, Ibaraki Osaka Prefecture +81 72-622-3611
Overall Ratings

4 based on 15 reviews

Doel Ibaraki

Reviewed By sasasanosasasa



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