Paracin Food Guide: 8 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Paracin

Discover the best food in Paracin, Serbia including Apis, Potocara, Koliba Grza, Panorama - beslac restoran, Svajcarija Restaurant, Central Cafe, Cruiser Restaurant Brod Kruser, Stara Carsija

1. Apis

Vojvode Mishica 46, Paracin 35250 Serbia +381 35 571580 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reservations Mediterranean
Overall Ratings

5 based on 19 reviews


Reviewed By Daniel F - Manchester, United Kingdom

Amazing traditional restaurant

7 of us went to this restaurant multiple times during the 2017 edition of an annual chess tournament in the town. No English spoken but between my "pan-Slavic Esperanto" and the picture menu we were fine. Also it is ridiculous to expect other people to speak your language if you don't really speak theirs. :)They have really good versions of standard Serbian dishes like the "punjene belo"- stuffed chicken breast- and "Karadjordjeva snicla"- a thin-sliced, rolled, filled and fried pork escalope. Also really cheap Sopska/Srpska salad to accompany it, and the ever-present urnebes for the grill specialities :)Obviously you can also get pizza but that is true anywhere in Europe. The ones here are not bad.We really appreciated that they had English "Somersby" cider, although as with all drinks imported from Western Europe, it was relatively expensive at 300 dinars (2.5 euro)Overall a really great place (odlicno mesto!) and I will be back sometime.

2. Potocara

Stubica Bb Sisevac Terme, Paracin 35250 Serbia +381 60 0206947
Overall Ratings

4 based on 16 reviews


Reviewed By andjaBelgrade - belgrade


This is really surprise, after 6 km very bad road you got a praise. Wonderfully place, with thermal pool, restaurant, lake with the fishing, and nice place for the children.This is nice place to run for 2-3 dazs, food was delicious, and very ok prices.Fish is fresh and nice prepped on the barbecue. We will come again and eat pastrmka off course.

3. Koliba Grza

Grza-Donja Mutnica Kilsura, Paracin 35255 Serbia +381 35 540440
Overall Ratings

4 based on 13 reviews

Koliba Grza

Reviewed By NBPI - Belgrade, Serbia

Excelent food, great nature

If you go from Paracin to Zajear, don't miss Koliba resaurant. By the river Grza, not far from her spring, you can eat great serbian cuisines in ethno style restaurant, surrounded with magnificent Eastern Serbia natural beauties.Tip: try cheese plate: several different Serbian cheese, one of witch is grilled goat cheese.

4. Panorama - beslac restoran

Vojno skladiste Karadjordjevo brdo, Paracin Serbia +381 64 5771313
Panorama - beslac restoran

Reviewed By euromat - Saxmundham, United Kingdom

We could not finish it, plenty of food!

When i initially looked on Tripadvisor at Paracin (As that was where we were staying for work) nothing came up at all really. So when our taxi picked us up, he recommended this place, and took us up there that evening. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the food was fantastic, and boy was it plentiful. there was six of us, and between us we could not finish it all (we were even offered to take away, but we declined). It is on the top of a hill, so you would probably want to take a taxi, esp. if you are in the town itself. On top of that, to us (British), it cost next to nothing, 15 euros with a tip and the drinks, back at home that would get us the 3 beers each if we were lucky

5. Svajcarija Restaurant

Svetog Save 2, Paracin 35250 Serbia Italian, French, International
Svajcarija Restaurant

Reviewed By mtodorovic - Belgrade, Serbia

For those who demand only the best

The restorant was created to provide the best international food and premium service in a small province city of Paraćin.

6. Central Cafe

Save Kovacevica 4A, Paracin, Paracin 35250 Serbia +381 35 565858
Central Cafe

Reviewed By hnfoodie

Great location, great food

This is one of my favorit places in servia, it is located in the very centre of Paracin so everything i close by, they have great food and it is different from other places in Paracin. A popular dish from here is the spaghetti carbonara which is also my favorite. Other dishes you should try is the chicken with pasta and curry, the american chicken and the pancakes with chicken or ham. The also have breakfast and different types of dessert tha are delicious.On thing that i really dislike, with this place and with other places in Paracin, is that smoking is either allowed or people dont care about not smoking inside, so if you're planning on sitting inside you should be prepared for a really strong scent of cigarettes and bad air.I recommend visiting this place, and especially in the summer late at night.

7. Cruiser Restaurant Brod Kruser

Zivke Damjanovic bb, Cuprija 35230 Serbia +381 35 8871172
Cruiser Restaurant Brod Kruser

Reviewed By Theo M - Ioannina, Greece

Good prices, good portions

All plates and salads were great except staffed burgers which had a funny smell and taste. For 6 people the cost was around 5700 dinars, which is less than 50 euros

8. Stara Carsija

Zhivke Damnjanovic 30, Cuprija 35230 Serbia Seafood, European, Street Food, Soups

Reviewed By vladanlero - Paracin, Serbia

odlican restoran

renoviran u skorije vreme...i ranije i sada ukusna hrana i dobar izbor pica....ljubano osoblje.......

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