Puzi Food Guide: 10 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Puzi

Discover the best food in Puzi, Taiwan including A Yi Shi Vegetarian, Gnomy's Diaries Theme Restaurants, Ping Huang Coffee, Hu Er Greasy Sticky Rice, Ri Yue Jian Kang Su Shi, Da Zhong Restaurant, Xian Yue Ju, Po Zi Vegetarian Diner, Taiwanese Vegetarian Fried Chicken, Jia Xiang Hong Kong-Style Roast Diner

1. A Yi Shi Vegetarian

No.7 Shixi Rd., Puzi City, Puzi Taiwan +886 5 370 1615
A Yi Shi Vegetarian

Reviewed By Taka510 - Yokohama, Japan



2. Gnomy's Diaries Theme Restaurants

No.112, Tianxing Vil., Puzi City, Puzi Taiwan +886 5 370 8320
Gnomy's Diaries Theme Restaurants

Reviewed By eggchang - New Taipei, Taiwan



3. Ping Huang Coffee

No.454, Houtan Vil., Puzi City, Puzi Taiwan +886 5 371 7197 http://www.phcafe.com.tw Cafe
Ping Huang Coffee

Reviewed By yaodajee - Taoyuan, Taiwan



4. Hu Er Greasy Sticky Rice

No.16, Pinghe Rd., Puzi City, Puzi Taiwan +886 5 379 8148 Fusion

Reviewed By 嘉儀 沈

Cheap and great food!

I started eating here since maybe 5 or more years ago.It is a really good place for Taiwanese traditional rice and the price is really good as well.Definitely recommend

5. Ri Yue Jian Kang Su Shi

No.65, Jiabu W Road, Puzi City, Puzi 613 Taiwan +886 985 809 776
Ri Yue Jian Kang Su Shi

Reviewed By Taka510 - Yokohama, Japan



6. Da Zhong Restaurant

No.41, Beitong Rd., Puzi City, Puzi Taiwan +886 5 379 3889 Asian, Taiwanese
Da Zhong Restaurant

Reviewed By Getaway810753 - Taichung, Taiwan



7. Xian Yue Ju

No.1-85 Shantong Road, Puzi 613 Taiwan +886 5 379 2608 http://www.facebook.com/vitality0325/ Lunch, Dinner, Drinks Takeout, Reservations, Street Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer Asian, Taiwanese
Xian Yue Ju

Reviewed By eggchang - New Taipei, Taiwan



8. Po Zi Vegetarian Diner

No.41, Haitong Rd., Puzi City, Puzi Taiwan +886 5 370 4799

Reviewed By Taka510 - Yokohama, Japan



9. Taiwanese Vegetarian Fried Chicken

No. 21, Haitong Road, Puzi 613 Taiwan +886 5 370 0088 https://www.facebook.com/XiaolianVegetarian/ Lunch, Dinner
Taiwanese Vegetarian Fried Chicken

Reviewed By SteppingOrange - Singapore, Singapore



10. Jia Xiang Hong Kong-Style Roast Diner

No.39, Haitong Rd., Puzi City, Puzi Taiwan +886 5 370 6808 Chinese

Reviewed By yihsinL14


それは4つの宝物を注文することが推奨され、油性の鶏の脚はすべて85です。肉屋には、通常のワックス焼きとは違った嫌な動機があります。野菜の皿と塩味があり油性の。しかしそれはそれを食べることをお勧めします~~あなたが卵を追加する場合は、別の5元を受け取るでしょう。 ポジティブ

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