Javea Food Guide: 10 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Javea

The coastal jewel of Javea is bookended by rocky headlands and is a prime example of old world meets modern energy. The "old town" district is filled with remains of walls built to keep out pirates, as well as a 14th-century church. Visit the beautiful white-sand Arenal beach, brimming with shops, restaurants and, in the summer, hopping beachside bars and nightclubs.

Where to Eat in Marmari: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Marmari (Greek: Μαρμάρι, Katharevousa: Μαρμάριον) is a village and a former municipality in Euboea, Greece, in the southeastern end of the island. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Karystos, of which it is a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 241.332 km. The Greek National Road 44 (Chalkida - Karystos) runs through Marmari. There are ferry routes with the mainland port of Rafina. The mountains dominate the east. Its main economy are businesses and agriculture. Marmari is located SE of Chalkida, E of Rafina and west of Karystos.

Where to Eat in Speightstown: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Speightstown /ˈspaɪts.taʊn/ SPYTS-town, also known as Little Bristol, is the second largest town centre of Barbados. It is situated 12 miles (19 km) north of the capital city of Bridgetown, in the northern parish of Saint Peter.

Top 10 foods in Roslev, Jutland

Discover the best food in Roslev, Denmark including Limfjordens hus, Breum Landevejskro, Roslev Kro Restaurant, Pinenhus, Fjordens Perle, Spisestedet, A Hereford Beefstouw, Fur Bryghus, Cafe Savilla, Det Italienske Pizzaria & Bofhus

Most Popular Restaurants in Gravatai

Discover the best food in Gravatai, Brazil including Cia Do Sabor, Al Peso, Pasmania, Toscana Galeteria, Hokkaido Restaurante Japones, RodaPizza, Cia Xis, Casa Do Escondidinho, Stanza D ' Oro Pizzaria, Armazem Scottino

Portumna Food Guide: 10 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Portumna

Portumna (Irish: Port Omna - meaning 'the landing place of the oak') is a market town in the south-east of County Galway, Ireland, on the border with and linked by a bridge to County Tipperary. The town is located to the west of the point where the River Shannon enters Lough Derg. This historic crossing point over the River Shannon between counties Tipperary and Galway has a long history of bridges and ferry crossings. On the south-western edge of the town lie Portumna Castle and Portumna forest park.

Top 10 Padang, West Sumatra foods

Padang (Indonesian pronunciation: [ˈpadaŋ] Jawi: ڤادڠ‬) is the capital of the province of West Sumatra in Indonesia. With an area of 695 square kilometres (268 sq mi) and a population of 1,000,096 in 2014, it is the 16th-most populated city in Indonesia, the most populated city on Sumatra's western coast, and fifth-most populated city on Sumatra.

Most Popular Restaurants in Douala

Douala (German: Duala) is the largest city in Cameroon and its economic capital. It is also the capital of Cameroon's Littoral Region. Home to Central Africa's largest port and its major international airport, Douala International Airport(DLA), it is the commercial and economic capital of Cameroon and the entire CEMAC region comprising Gabon, Congo, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, CAR and Cameroon. Consequently, it handles most of the country's major exports, such as oil, cocoa and coffee, timber, metals and fruits. As of 2010 the city and its surrounding area had an estimated population that surpassed 3,000,000 inhabitants. The city sits on the estuary of Wouri River and its climate is tropical.

Top 9 foods in Otepaa, Valga County

Otepää (formerly Nuustaku) is a town in Valga County, southern Estonia, it is the administrative centre of Otepää Parish. Otepää is a popular skiing resort, popularly known as the "winter capital" of Estonia (in contrast to the "summer capital" Pärnu). During the 2005–2006 season it became the site for FIS Cross-Country World Cup events.

Top 10 foods in Tibasosa, Boyaca Department

Tibasosa (Spanish pronunciation: [tiβaˈsosa]) is a town and municipality in the Sugamuxi Province, part of the Colombian department of Boyacá. Tibasosa borders Duitama and Nobsa in the north, Nobsa and Sogamoso in the east, Firavitoba in the south and Paipa in the west.

Top 10 Lubon, Greater Poland Province foods

Discover the best food in Lubon, Poland including A Noz Widelec, Autentyk Kuchnia i Ludzie, PESTO Restauracja, Kyokai Sushi Bar, Restauracja Zuper ZupaBar & Catering, Matii Sushi, Cucina 88 Restaurant, Figaro, Violet Sushi & Yakitori, Muga Restauracja

Where to Eat in Upper Mt Gravatt: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Upper Mt Gravatt, Australia including Kinn Thai Restaurant, Corbett & Claude, Lagoona Resort Restaurant, Perk's Kitchen, Loving Hut @ Mount Gravatt, Cafe Les Amoureux, Chinese Garden, Southside Sports & Community Club, PappaRich Garden City

Top 9 foods in Alethriko, Larnaka District

Alethriko (Greek: Αλεθρικό; Turkish: Aletriko) is a village in the Larnaca District of Cyprus, west of Larnaca. The first known census was carried out under Ottoman Rule in 1831; it listed only males: there were 46 Greeks and 18 Turks. In the census of 1891 the population of Alethriko was recorded as 37 Turks and 233 Greeks of both sexes. In 2011 its population was 1,101.

Top 9 Kastellorizo, South Aegean foods

Kastellorizo or Castellorizo (Greek: Καστελλόριζο Kastellorizo; officially Μεγίστη Megisti or Meyisti) is a Greek island and municipality located in the southeastern Mediterranean. It lies roughly 2 kilometres (1 mile) off the south coast of Turkey, about 570 km (354 mi) southeast of Athens and 125 km (78 mi) east of Rhodes, almost halfway between Rhodes and Antalya and 280 km (170 mi) to Cyprus. Kastellorizo is part of the Rhodes regional unit.

Where to Eat in Bad Hersfeld: The Best Restaurants and Bars

The festival and spa town of Bad Hersfeld (Bad is "spa" in German; the Old High German name of the city was Herolfisfeld) is the district seat of the Hersfeld-Rotenburg district in northeastern Hesse, Germany, roughly 50 km southeast of Kassel.

Most Popular Restaurants in Regensburg

Founded by the Romans in 179 AD as Casta Regina (meaning Fortress by the River Regen), Regensburg is one of Germany's oldest towns. It was relatively spared from Allied bombings during World War II. Today, many flock to see the wonderfully intact old city and its many medieval structures. The 12th-century Stone Bridge was used by Crusaders en route to the Holy Land. The Regensburg Cathedral (or Dom St. Peter) is one of southern Germany's finest examples of Gothic architecture.

Top 10 Feilding, North Island foods

Feilding (Māori: Aorangi) is a town in the Manawatu District of the North Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 54, 20 kilometres north of Palmerston North. The town is the seat of the Manawatu District Council.

Panguipulli Food Guide: 10 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Panguipulli

Panguipulli (/ˌpæŋɡiˈpuːji/ PANG-gee-POO-yee; Mapudungun for "hill of the puma") is a city and commune in Valdivia Province, southern Chile, administered by the Municipality of Panguipulli. The town is known for its natural environment, and is called "City of roses" (Spanish: La Ciudad de las rosas). Panguipulli is located on the western edge of Panguipulli Lake, and is on a moraine in the Chilean Central Valley. Most of the commune lies on Andean mountains and valleys.