Things To Do in Cantina Contratto, Restaurants in Cantina Contratto

10 Things to Do in Province of Asti That You Shouldn't Miss

The Province of Asti (Italian: Provincia di Asti) is a province in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Its capital is the city of Asti. To the northwest it borders on the Metropolitan City of Turin; to the southwest it borders on the province of Cuneo. To the east it borders on the province of Alessandria, while in the south it shares a very short border with the Ligurian province of Savona. It has an area of 1,504.5 square kilometres (580.9 sq mi), and, As of 2017, a total population of 215,871.

10 Things to Do in Canelli That You Shouldn't Miss

Discover the best top things to do in Canelli, Italy including Cantina Contratto, Cantine Bosca - Cattedrali Sotterranee, Coppo Wine Cellar, L'Armangia, La Martina, Cantine Bocchino- Azienda Agricola Bocchino Giuseppe di Bocchino Annalisa, Casa Ramazzotti, Castello Gancia, Gancia, MU.S.A. (Museo multimediale del Sud Astigiano).