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Top 10 Balatonfoldvar, Southern Transdanubia foods

Balatonföldvár is a popular resort town in Somogy, Hungary on the southern side of Lake Balaton, approximately 120 km southwest from Budapest and about 23 km southwest from Siófok, the "capital of Balaton".

Most Popular Restaurants in Szentgotthard

Szentgotthárd is the westernmost town of Hungary. It is situated on the Rába River near the Austrian border, and is home to much of Hungary's small Slovene ethnic minority.

Top 10 foods in Mosonmagyarovar, Central Transdanubia

Mosonmagyaróvár ([ˈmoʃonmɒɟɒroːvaːr]; German: Wieselburg-Ungarisch Altenburg; Latin: Ad Flexum) is a town in Győr-Moson-Sopron county in northwestern Hungary. It lies close to both the Austrian and Slovakian borders and has a population of 32752 (as of 2015).

Where to Eat in Deutschkreutz: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Deutschkreutz (Hungarian: Sopronkeresztúr until 1899, Németkeresztúr Yiddish: צעלעם‎, translit. Zelem Croatian: Kerestur) is an Austrian market town in the district of Oberpullendorf in the state of Burgenland.

Balatonlelle Food Guide: 10 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Balatonlelle

Balatonlelle is a popular tourist town located in Hungary on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, about 35 km west of Siófok. Attractions include a beach over 3 km long, an aqua-park, go-cart course, and annual wine festival. It is easily reached from Budapest by direct train (approx 2.5 hours). It is a family orientated tourist resort in the summer season. There is a paid (sandy) beach and a long public (free) grass beach. It does have a small number of bars but it can be categorised as a quiet resort, ideal for relaxation. The wine festival is often held in the first week of August.

Top 10 Tatabanya, Central Transdanubia foods

Discover the best food in Tatabanya, Hungary including Vadvirag Restaurant, Baratok Asztala, Turul Cafe & Etterem, Pomodoro Restaurant & Pizzeria, Vendeglo a harom tolgyfahoz, Gerecse Gate Restaurant, Pizza Trio, Burger King - Tatabanya, Vegas Burger, Esszencia Juice Bar

Most Popular Restaurants in Budakeszi

Budakeszi (German: Wudigeß) is a town in Pest County, in the Budapest metropolitan area, Hungary. It is located beyond the Jánoshegy hill at the western city limits of Budapest, about 12 km (7 mi) west of the Zero Kilometre Stone in the city centre. A popular recreational area, the landscape is characterized by forests, predominantly oaks, by vineyards and by orchards.

Top 10 Etyek, Central Transdanubia foods

Etyek (German: Edeck) is a village in Fejér county, Hungary, approximately 30km from Budapest. The area is surrounded by vineyards and is known for its wine-production. The Korda Studios film production facility has been established there.

Top 10 foods in Revfulop, Central Transdanubia

Révfülöp is a town in Veszprém county, Hungary, located on the northern shore of the Balaton. Révfülöp is well known as the starting point for an annual long-distance swimming race across the Balaton to Balatonboglár.

Top 10 foods in Kaposvar, Southern Transdanubia

Kaposvár is a city in the southwestern part of Hungary, south from the Lake Balaton. It is one of the leading cities of Transdanubia and it is the capital of Somogy County. Kaposvár is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kaposvár.

Top 10 Vac, Central Hungary foods

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Top 10 foods in Matraszentimre, Northern Hungary

Discover the best food in Matraszentimre, Hungary including Vorosko Restaurant, BeTerv, Csorgo Kisvendeglo, Hegyi kisvendeglo Zi-Ta, Galyateto Turistacentrum, Etterem a Tancolo Kecskehez, Tatra Hegyi Vendeglo, Kilato Guest House and Restaurant, St. Hubertus Etterem es Panzio, Tolgy Vendeglo

Most Popular Restaurants in Szekszard

Discover the best food in Szekszard, Hungary including Trattoria da Matteo, Szasz Sorozo Es Etterem, Optimus Etterem, Amaryllis Cafe & Restaurant, Fritz Borhaz es Panzio, Merops Restaurant, Toscana Restaurant and Cafe, Aranykulacs Kivendeglo, Bella Napoli Pizzeria, Zsitvai Cukraszda

Top 10 Lutzmannsburg, Burgenland foods

Lutzmannsburg (Croatian: Lucman, Hungarian: Locsmánd) is a village in the district of Oberpullendorf in the Austrian state of Burgenland.

Ketrzyn Food Guide: 8 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Ketrzyn

Kętrzyn [ˈkɛntʂɨn] ( listen) (German: Rastenburg ( listen); former Polish name: Rastembork), is a town in northeastern Poland with 28,351 inhabitants (2004). Situated in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship (since 1999), Kętrzyn was previously in Olsztyn Voivodeship (1975–1998). It is the capital of Kętrzyn County. The city was named after Wojciech Kętrzyński in 1946.