Things To Do in Kapchagay Reservoir, Restaurants in Kapchagay Reservoir

What to do and see in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan: The Best Places and Tips

Almaty (Kazakh: Алматы облысы, Almatı oblısı, الماتى وبلىسى; Russian: Алматинская область) is a region of Kazakhstan. Its capital is Taldykorgan, which has a population of 123,000. Population of the region: 1,807,894 (2009 Census results); 1,557,269 (1999 Census results).

What to do and see in Kapchagay, Almaty Region: The Best Places and Tips

Kapshagai (Kazakh: Қапшағай, Russian: Капшага́й) is a city in Almaty Region of Kazakhstan. It is located on the Ili River, and has been built along with the construction of Kapshagay Dam on that river in the 1960s. The dam has formed Kapchagay Reservoir (a.k.a. Lake Kapshagai), a popular weekend destination for beach-goers from Almaty. Population: 39,855 (2009 Census results); 33,428 (1999 Census results).