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What to do and see in Norderney, Lower Saxony: The Best Places and Tips

Norderney's recuperative sea air reverberates with crashing waves and the cry of gulls. The entire northern coast of this 14-km-long island is sandy beach; the eastern part of the island is a national park. Leave your car on the mainland and walk, bike, or take the local bus everywhere. A popular destination for families, wind surfers, and nature lovers.

Top 8 Things to do in Sejong, South Korea

Discover the best top things to do in Sejong, South Korea including Beartree Park, National Library of Korea, Sejong, Sejong Lake Park, Statue of Peace, Unjusanseong Fortress, Forest Museum, Yeongi Hyangto Bangmulgwan, Woosung Bowlingjang.

10 Things to Do in Naypyidaw That You Shouldn't Miss

Naypyidaw, officially spelled Nay Pyi Taw (Burmese: နေပြည်တော်; MLCTS: Nepranytau, sometimes also Naypyitaw; pronounced [nèpjìdɔ̀], formerly known as Kyetpyay, Pyinmana or Kyatpyay, Pyinmana), is the capital city of Myanmar. It is administered as the Naypyidaw Union Territory, as per the Constitution.

10 Things to Do in Montignac That You Shouldn't Miss

Discover the best top things to do in Montignac, France including Lascaux IV, Lascaux II, chateau de Sauveboeuf, Lascaux, La Ferme de Manestrugeas, Office de Tourisme Lascaux-Dordogne, Le Chateau de Coulonges, Eglise Saint-Leon, Le Conquil, Dhagpo Kagyu Ling.

Top 10 Things to do in Waterville, Province of Munster

Discover the best top things to do in Waterville, Ireland including Waterville Beach, Sea Synergy Marie Awareness and Activity Centre, Mick O'Dwyer Statue, Charlie Chaplin Statue, Loher stone fort, Church Island, Tech Amergin Community Arts & Education Centre, Madeleine Maria Weber Photography and Art Gallery, Eightercua, The Story of Waterville Cable Station Exhibition.

Top 10 Things to do in Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani Province

Discover the best top things to do in Lam Luk Ka, Thailand including The National Memorial, Zeer Rangsit, Wat Phut Udom, Wat Thanyaphol, Wat Phrachumrat, Chokchai Museum, Wat Phuet Udom, The Hub Rangsit, THAI WAKE PARK - Lumlukka, Lam Luk Ka Country Club.

Top 8 Things to do in Thanyaburi, Pathum Thani Province

Discover the best top things to do in Thanyaburi, Thailand including Dream World, Future Park, Rangsit Science Center, Zpell, MuayThai Institute, Lotus Museum, Funarium Zpell, Krung Kavee Golf & Country Club Estate.

Top 10 Things to do in Alta, Northern Norway

Roll on over to the Alta rocks to check out the UNESCO World Heritage Site carvings. There are thousands of these fascinating archaeological remains, which detail images of animals, and scenes of hunter/gatherer life. Alta is also home to the northernmost ice hotel in Europe, an utterly majestic masterpiece replete with ice chandeliers, chairs and even beds.

The 8 Best Things to Do in East Kilbride, Scotland

East Kilbride (Scottish Gaelic: Cille Bhrìghde an Ear) is the largest town in South Lanarkshire in Scotland and the 6th largest settlement in Scotland. It was also designated Scotland's first new town on 6 May 1947. The area lies on a raised plateau to the south of the Cathkin Braes, about 8 miles (13 km) southeast of Glasgow and close to the boundary with East Renfrewshire.

Top 10 Things to do in Donaueschingen, Baden-Wurttemberg

Donaueschingen is a German town in the Black Forest in the southwest of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in the Schwarzwald-Baar Kreis. It stands near the confluence of the two sources of the river Danube (in German: Donau; the town's name is an eponym).

10 Things to Do in Leer That You Shouldn't Miss

Leer is a town in the district of Leer, the northwestern part of Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated on the river Leda, a tributary of the river Ems, near the border with the Netherlands.

Top 10 Things to do in San Lawrenz, Island of Gozo

San Lawrenz (English: Saint Lawrence) is a village on the island of Gozo, Malta. Its name is derived from Lawrence of Rome who is the patron saint for the village. It has a population of 748, as of March 2014.

10 Things to Do in Stavropol Krai That You Shouldn't Miss

Stavropol Krai (Russian: Ставропо́льский край, tr. Stavropolsky kray, IPA: [stəvrɐˈpolʲskʲɪj kraj]) is a federal subject (a krai) of Russia. It is geographically located in the North Caucasus region in Southern Russia, and is administratively part of the North Caucasian Federal District. Stavropol Krai has a population of 2,786,281 (2010).

What to do and see in Canoas, State of Rio Grande do Sul: The Best Places and Tips

Canoas (Portuguese pronunciation: [kaˈnoɐs]), which earned city status in 1939, is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. With more than 300,000 inhabitants, it is part of the Porto Alegre conurbation and has the second highest GDP in the state. It is also the fourth largest city in the state by population. Canoas boasts a strong manufacturing-based economy and is the home of the Canoas Air Force Base, used by the Brazilian Air Force.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Province of Cuenca, Castile-La Mancha

Cuenca is one of the five provinces of the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. It is located in the eastern part of this autonomous community and cover over 17.141 square km. It has a population of 203.841 inhabitants- the less populated of its autonomous community. Its capital city is Cuenca and the province is compounded of 238 municipalities.

Top 10 Things to do in Province of Burgos, Castile and Leon

The province of Burgos is a province of northern Spain, in the northeastern part of the autonomous community of Castile and León. It is bordered by the provinces of Palencia, Cantabria, Vizcaya, Álava, La Rioja, Soria, Segovia, and Valladolid. Its capital is the city of Burgos.

10 Things to Do in Slavyansk-na-Kubani That You Shouldn't Miss

Slavyansk-na-Kubani (Russian: Славянск-на-Куба́ни) is a town in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located in the Kuban River delta. Population: 63,842 (2010 Census); 64,136 (2002 Census); 57,790 (1989 Census); 56,000 (1975).

6 Things to Do in Olkusz That You Shouldn't Miss

Olkusz [ˈɔlkuʂ] (Yiddish: עלקיש‎ Elkish, German: 1941-45 Ilkenau) is a town in south Poland with 36,607 inhabitants (2014). Situated in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship (since 1999), previously in Katowice Voivodeship (1975–1998), it is the capital of Olkusz County. From 1941 to 1945, the occupying Germans renamed the region to Ilkenau. Olkusz is called 'Silver Town" because of the large amount of silver that was found and mined here.