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Top 10 foods in Tumbes, Tumbes Region

Discover the best food in Tumbes, Peru including Eduardo El Brujo, Restaurant El Brujo, Restaurante Bilbao, Paprika Restaurante Tumbes, Marinus, Arriba Peru, Las Terrazas, Insitu, Cevicheria Turistica Las Piedritas, Capuccino panes y mas

Top 10 Punta Hermosa, Lima Region foods

Punta Hermosa is one of 43 districts of the Lima Province in Peru. The capital of the district is the village of Punta Hermosa. The district's main attractions are its beaches.

Top 10 foods in Tehuacan, Puebla

Discover the best food in Tehuacan, Mexico including Casa Vieja, La Greca, Tortas el Quinto, Grilia, Mi Viejo Cafe, arecife, El Zedro's, Ta Carbon, Lena & Vino Restaurante Gourmet, PACHAMAMA

Where to Eat in Yanque: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Yanque, Peru including Quinoa Restaurant, Urinsaya, Cocafe, Maray, Alpaca Chef, Sama Restaurante Cafe, El Balcon de Don Zacarias, Wititi, Urpicha del Colca, Q'anka Restaurante

Top 8 foods in Organos, Piura Region

Discover the best food in Organos, Peru including Rinconcito Encantado, Restaurant Turistico Bambu, La K, El Mirador de Vichayito - Sushi Bar, El Manglar Restaurant Cevicheria, La Cabana de Wilo, Restaurant Bambu, El Manglar de Rosa

Top 9 Buin, Santiago Metropolitan Region foods

Discover the best food in Buin, Chile including Holzer Buin, Los Buenos Muchachos de Buin, Bar 60, Sumaq nusta, Sushi KEI Buin, Casa Tierra, Di Carlo, Donde cacho, El cartel

Top 10 Jaen, Cajamarca Region foods

Discover the best food in Jaen, Peru including Cenfrocafe, Rinconcito Jaeno, Restaurante La Cabana, Lactobac, Sumaq Coffee, Cafe Pub Madeira, Restaurante El Horno, Casita Del Pan, Cascada Park, Restaurant Turistico Amoju

Top 10 foods in Talara, Piura Region

Talara is a city in the Talara Province of the Piura Region, in northwestern Peru. It is a port city on the Pacific Ocean with a population of 103,200 as of 2005. Its climate is hot and dry. Due to its oil reserves, and ability to produce aviation fuel, Talara hosted a United States air base during World War II. Talara is also home to a large fishing fleet. The city is served by the Cap. FAP Víctor Montes Arias Airport.

Most Popular Restaurants in Huanuco

Huánuco (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈwanuko]) is a city in central Peru. It had a population of 75,000 as of 2007 and in 2014 it had a population of 172,924. It is the capital of the Huánuco Region and the Huánuco District. It is the seat of the diocese of Huánuco. The metropolitan city of Huanuco is 170,000 hab (2011, urban pop, INEI). It has three districts, Huanuco (head), Amarilis, and Pillco Marca. In this city, the Higueras river meets the Huallaga river, one of the largest rivers in the country. The city of Huánuco was founded by Spanish conquistador Gómez de Alvarado in 1539, in the Inca town of Yarowilca. In 1541, the city was moved to its current location in the Pillco Valley. It is served by the Alférez FAP David Figueroa Fernandini Airport. One of the main highways of the country passes by Huanuco, communicating Lima-Callao with Tingo Maria and Pucallpa in the Peruvian Amazonia.

Top 10 foods in Sincelejo, Sucre Department

Discover the best food in Sincelejo, Colombia including Llanera la 31, La Barletta, Restaurante Bar Arcanos, Basan cocina al disco, Restaurante Bar El Corral, Aja Camello, La Cajita 1986 Bistro - Cafe, Siracha, Tumbarrancho Arepa Venezolana, Conos Pizza

Andahuaylas Food Guide: 10 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Andahuaylas

Andahuaylas (Quechua Antawaylla, anta copper, waylla meadow, "copper meadow") is a Peruvian city. It is the capital of the Andahuaylas Province in the Apurímac Region. It is known as the pradera de los celajes (Spanish for "prairie of colored clouds"). Its approximate population of 63 000 inhabitants makes it the first largest city in the region.

Most Popular Restaurants in Cancun

Sunny Cancun has much more to offer than its party-town reputation might suggest. Plenty of gorgeous, drama-free family resorts cater to folks who want to experience the tropical Yucatan climate. There are significant Mayan ruins here, such as El Rey and the Yamil Lu’um, a crumbling tower of pale gray stone. Learn more about this ancient civilization at the Museo Maya de Cancun. For a literal taste of Mexico, take a tour of the Museo Sensorial del Tequila.

Where to Eat in Moyobamba: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Moyobamba (Spanish pronunciation: [moʝoˈβamba]) or Muyupampa (Quechua muyu circle, pampa large plain, "circle plain") is the capital city of the San Martín Region in northern Peru. Called "Santiago of eight valleys of Moyobamba" or "Maynas capital". There are 86 000 inhabitants, according to the 2007 census. Some 3,500 species of orchids are native to the area, which has led to the city's nickname of The City of Orchids. The city is the capital of both Moyobamba Province and Moyobamba District.

Where to Eat in Machali: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Machali, Chile including Restaurant Aroma Limeno, Delicia China, La Casa del Cerro, TORINO RISTORANTE RANCAGUA, Santo Visto, Bellini, La Pamplona, Donde Gordo, Bendito, sushi tamago

Top 10 Quimbaya, Quindio Department foods

Discover the best food in Quimbaya, Colombia including The Food Trailer, Guanapalo, Restaurante VI Sentido Cocina de Autor, Restaurante Antojos Campesinos, Restaurante y Bar Excalibur, Guanapalo, Restaurante Chuzos Y Mas, SantaMelona Restaurante - Cafe, El Arbol Cafe Musica, El Patio Cafe

Where to Eat in Mollendo: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Mollendo is a town bordering the Pacific Ocean in southern Peru. It is located in the Arequipa Region and is the capital of both the Islay Province and the Mollendo District. Mollendo was the main port in the Peruvian southern coast until Matarani was developed about 50 years ago; the port of Mollendo only serves fishermen for the local economy currently and all the commercial shipping is done through Matarani 12 kilometers north; the old port is in ruins. From about 1830 to 1880 it was important in the Guano trade.

Most Popular Restaurants in Chimbote

Chimbote [tʃimˈbote] ( listen) is the largest city in the Ancash Region of Peru, and the capital of both Santa Province and Chimbote District.

Where to Eat in Moquegua: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Moquegua (Spanish pronunciation: [moˈkeɣwa], founded by the Spanish colonists as Villa de Santa Catalina de Guadalcázar del Valle de Moquegua) is a city in southern Peru, located in the Moquegua Region, of which it is the capital. It is also capital of Mariscal Nieto Province and Moquegua District. It is located 1144 kilometers south of the capital city of Lima.