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Top 10 Otopeni, Southern Romania foods

Otopeni (Romanian pronunciation: [otoˈpenʲ]) is a city in Ilfov County, Romania, some 15 km (9.3 mi) north of Bucharest along the road to Ploiești. It has 15,850 inhabitants, of which 99.0% are Romanians. One village, Odăile, is administered by the city.

Top 10 Sibiel, Transylvania foods

Săliște (German: Großendorf or Selischte; Hungarian: Szelistye) is a town in Sibiu County in the centre of Romania, 21 km west of the county capital, Sibiu, the main locality in the Mărginimea Sibiului area.

Most Popular Restaurants in Sovata

Sovata (Romanian pronunciation: [soˈvata]; Hungarian: Szováta; Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈsovaːtɒ]) is a town in Mureș County, central Romania.

Top 10 foods in Eforie Nord, Romania

Discover the best food in Eforie Nord, Romania including Pescaria lui Matei, Restaurant Golful Pescarilor, Restaurant Acapulco, Restaurant Poarta Apelor, Caredy Kitchen, El Stefanino, Cheers, Chandellier, Restaurant Neptun, Coralis

Where to Eat in Nouadhibou: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Nouadhibou (Arabic: نواذيبو‎; formerly Port-Étienne) is the second largest city in Mauritania and serves as a major commercial centre. The city itself has about 118,000 inhabitants expanding to over 140,000 in the larger metropolitan area, a total of nearly 95% of the entire regional population and is the country's economic capital. It is situated on a 65-kilometre peninsula or headland called Ras Nouadhibou, Cap Blanc, or Cabo Blanco, of which the western side, with the city of La Güera, is part of Western Sahara. Nouadhibou is consequently located merely a couple of kilometres from the border between Mauritania and Western Sahara. Its current mayor is Mohamed Fadel ould Aboubekrine.

Most Popular Restaurants in Vama

Discover the best food in Vama, Romania including Q'usine, Hilde's Restaurant, Casa Humor Restaurant, Restaurant Bucovina, Restaurant Casa cu Pridvor, Popasul Domnesc, Public Street Food, La Popasul Baciului, New Look, Cofetaria damone

Top 10 Campina, Southern Romania foods

Discover the best food in Campina, Romania including Restaurant Oscar, Povestea Ceaunului Paprika, Taverna Poseidon, Restaurant Toscano, Pizzeria Bella Italia, Instacafe, Del Corso, Pizza Campina, Restaurant Bon Appetit, ETU Pizza & Grill

Most Popular Restaurants in Baile Herculane

Băile Herculane (Latin: Aqua Herculis; German: Herkulesbad; Hungarian: Herkulesfürdő; Czech: Herkulovy Lázně, Turkish: Lazarethane) is a town in Romanian Banat, in Caraș-Severin County, situated in the valley of the Cerna River, between the Mehedinți Mountains to the east and the Cerna Mountains to the west, elevation 168 meters. Its current population is approximately 5,000. The town administers one village, Pecinișca (Hungarian: Pecsenyeska; from 1912 to 1918 Csernabesenyő).

Orsova Food Guide: 5 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Orsova

Orșova (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈorʃova]; German: Orschowa, Hungarian: Orsova, Serbian: Оршава/Oršava, Bulgarian: Орсово, Polish: Orszawa, Czech: Oršava, Turkish: Adakale) is a port city on the Danube river in southwestern Romania's Mehedinți County. It is one of four localities in the county located in the Banat historical region. It is situated just above the Iron Gates, on the spot where the Cerna River meets the Danube.

Top 10 foods in Mamaia, Southeast Romania

Discover the best food in Mamaia, Romania including Blue Acqua Restaurant - Faleza Mamaia, Nikos Greek Taverna, Restaurant Chevalet, Terasa Andreea, Cafe del Mar Mamaia, Hanul Cu Peste, dasKino, Restaurant IpaNera, Barrels Pub Mamaia, Bocca Lupo

Where to Eat in Saturn: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Saturn, Romania including Cherhana Venus, Bistro Marinas, Christopher Pub, Restaurant Blue-Fish, restaurant cazarma mangalia, Restaurant Argentinia, Al posto giusto, La Babanu, Plita Pescarului, La Foisoare

Where to Eat in Targu Jiu: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Targu Jiu, Romania including Pensiunea Antique, Madam, Terasa ANNA, Restaurant Ambasador, Hanul Domnesc, Irish Pub, Pizzeria Quattro Stagioni, La Coloana, Maciesul, Complexul Dolce-Vita

Fundata Food Guide: 10 must-eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Fundata

Fundata (German: Fundatten; Hungarian: Fundáta) is a commune in Brașov County, Romania, in the historic region of Transylvania. It is composed of three villages: Fundata, Fundățica (Kleinkertzberg; Kisfundáta) and Șirnea (Schirnen; Sirnea). The place offers beautiful panoramas for the Piatra Craiului Mountains and Bucegi Mountains, the freshness and the privacy make the complex a place full of beauty and peace. During the 2013 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, it held the biathlon competition in the new venue of the town.

Top 10 foods in 2 Mai, Romania

Discover the best food in 2 Mai, Romania including Black sea La Petya, Micul golf, Acvamarin 2Mai, La CopaCabana, Cherhana, Bistro Marinas, Terasa 2 Mai, Stuf, Al posto giusto, Christopher Pub

Top 10 foods in Eforie, Southeast Romania

Eforie (Romanian pronunciation: [efoˈri.e]; historical names (for Eforie Sud): Băile Movilă, Carmen-Sylva, Vasile Roaită) is a town and a holiday resort on the Black Sea shore, in Constanța County, Romania. It is located about 14 kilometers south of Constanţa. Techirghiol Lake lies nearby.

Most Popular Restaurants in Zalau

Discover the best food in Zalau, Romania including Hotel Brilliant Plaza, Atelier de Arome, Giorgio, Casa Boierului, Steak & Shake, Pizzeria CO-K, Villa President, Pizzeria Noblesse, Saladina, Hanul Drumetilor

Where to Eat in Radauti: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Rădăuți (Romanian pronunciation: [rədəˈut͡sʲ]; German: Radautz; Hungarian: Radóc; Polish: Radowce; Ukrainian: Радівці, Radivtsi; Yiddish: ראַדעװיץ‎ Radevits; Turkish: Radoviçe) is a city in Suceava County, north-eastern Romania. It is situated in the historical region of Bukovina. Rădăuți is the third largest urban settlement in the county, with a population of 22,145 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census. It was declared a municipality in 1995, along with two other cities in Suceava County: Fălticeni and Câmpulung Moldovenesc. Rădăuți covers an area of 32,30 km² and it was the capital of former Rădăuți County (until 1950).

Top 10 Vatra Dornei, Northeast Romania foods

Vatra Dornei (Romanian pronunciation: [ˌvatra ˈdornej]; German: Dorna-Watra; Hungarian: Dornavátra) is a city in Suceava County, north-eastern Romania. It is situated in the historical region of Bukovina. Vatra Dornei is the fifth largest urban settlement in the county, with a population of 13,659 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census. It was declared a municipality in 2000, being the newest and smallest municipality in the county. The city administers three villages: Argestru, Roșu and Todireni. Vatra Dornei is a well known spa and ski resort in the Carpathian Mountains.

Where to Eat in Sebes: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Sebes, Romania including KARLHOF RESTAURANT, La Dolce Vita, Restaurant Mirage, Hotel Clasic Sebes, Crama Pizza Restaurant, Restaurant Rustik, Conacul Salonti, La Zvonuri, Restaurant Metropol, Restaurant La Poesia