Things To Do in The Clock Tower, Restaurants in The Clock Tower

What to do and see in Kuala Belait, Belait District: The Best Places and Tips

Kuala Belait (Jawi: کوالا بلايت), officially known in Malay as Pekan Kuala Belait (literally 'Kuala Belait Town'), is a town located in the westernmost part of Brunei, in Belait District. It is the second largest settlement in the country after Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, and functions as the capital for the district. Kuala Belait is officially a municipality (Malay: bandaran), as well as a village-level subdivision under the mukim or subdistrict of the same name. The postcode for Kuala Belait subdivision is KA1131.

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