Top 10 foods in Jazan, Jizan Province

Discover the best food in Jazan, Saudi Arabia including happy times Restaurant, Loulouat Sahel Restaurant, India Gate, Ocean Basket, Doctor Waffle, Roma Way, Figaro Coffee, Canton, The Jeddah Restaurant, South West Restaurant

1. happy times Restaurant

3867 King Fahd Road, Jazan 827116711 Saudi Arabia 827116711 Dinner, Lunch Outdoor Seating, Seating, Table Service, Takeout, Reservations Seafood
Overall Ratings

4 based on 57 reviews

happy times Restaurant

Reviewed By 361bena

Excellent fish

"Some of the best grilled fresh fish I've eaten" said a colleague. Fish was well seasoned and perfectly grilled. Super tasty. Shrimp, more like large prawns, were grilled perfectly. Nice fresh and hot flat bread. The salad starters were good, but the fish was the hero. Service needed a bit of promting, but didn't detract from the experience.

2. Loulouat Sahel Restaurant

4561 King Fahd Road, Jazan 827168897 Saudi Arabia Lunch Takeout Middle Eastern
Overall Ratings

4 based on 40 reviews

Loulouat Sahel Restaurant

Reviewed By Yahya A - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

nice fish food

i bought a furnace fish it was average with midume clean restaurant, avrege overall restaurant if i got other chance i am not going to eat from it again

3. India Gate

Jizan, Jazan Saudi Arabia +966 59 777 3311 Dinner, Lunch Seating, Table Service Indian, Asian
Overall Ratings

4 based on 30 reviews

India Gate

Reviewed By ashwindave31 - Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Native Night

Wow !!! Realized as if we are taking dinner in our Native. Very delicious , watering in mouth while served the Paneer Masala Veg!!. Nice served food we ordered.

4. Ocean Basket

Corniche Road, Jazan Saudi Arabia +966 55 903 2943 African
Ocean Basket

Reviewed By jcgmdh - Manila, Philippines

My Favorite Jizan Restaurant

I have dined here quadruple times already and food was always superb and service was impeccable. Food always tasted fresh and the smoothies was excellently blended to perfection.

5. Doctor Waffle

Prince Metibb Bin Abdul Aziz Road, Jazan Saudi Arabia +966 54 383 7116 Takeout
Doctor Waffle

Reviewed By hassanb325

Price and taste ?

The Best waffle and cake in jazan..i order Kinder crepe.. Really its amazing.the place very relaxing and nice.. The satff and service very gentle

6. Roma Way

Al Rashid Mall, Kadi Mall, Jazan Saudi Arabia +966 7 321 5332 Breakfast, Lunch

Reviewed By jcgmdh - Manila, Philippines

Mediocre pizza and pasta

There are other restaurants at the Corniche which serve better pizza and pasta. Since this restaurant is located at the foodcourt, expect it to be very busy and prioritizes women, Saudis then expats last.

7. Figaro Coffee

Alrashed Mall 2-Prince Mohammed bin Nasier street 3- King Abdullah airport departure terminal, Jazan Saudi Arabia +966 17 322 3235
Figaro Coffee

Reviewed By yahyaa514 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Figaro Coffee

The place you can relax, have coffee, browse internet , whether in Rashid Mall, Next to pizza hut Prince Mohammed bin Nasier street , or when are you waiting for you flight departure you can enjoy a cup of coffee variety of pastry and sandwiches at departure terminal, King Abdullah airport Jazan.i really like it

8. Canton

Al Rashid Mall, Kady Mall, Jazan Saudi Arabia Chinese

Reviewed By jcgmdh - Manila, Philippines

Fast Asian Food

Canton is one of the restaurants located on the 3rd floor food court of Al Rashid Mall. It is infront of the singles area so I didn't have a hard time ordering. I ordered the Pad Thai, taste and presentation looked and felt very ordinary but I was craving for Asian food so my craving was satisfied.Price is more expensive than a double Herfy burger combo.

9. The Jeddah Restaurant

Jeddah Restaurant, Jazan Saudi Arabia +966 7 322 2326 Turkish

Reviewed By desertdiablo - Larkspur, Colorado

Economical and Tasty

The restaurant is called the JEDDAH RESTAURANT. They close for prayer and kick you all out, so time your visit accordingly. The whole fish is nice with the green salad. It is probably one of the most popular restaurants in Jizan. They of course have shwarma.

10. South West Restaurant

Corniche Street, Jazan Saudi Arabia +966 17 322 2114 American, Fast Food, Diner

Reviewed By hamuodah - Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

طريق ابوعريش جازان

السلام عليكميعتبر من المطاعم الجيده علي مستوى جازان في صنع واعداد الهامبرغر ويقدمها بطابع امريكي كلاسيكي مميز

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