Top 10 foods in Jelgava, Zemgale Region

Jelgava (pronounced [jælɡava] ( listen); German: Mitau; see also other names) is a city in central Latvia about 41 kilometres (25 miles) southwest of Riga with about 63,000 inhabitants. It is the largest town in the region of Zemgale (Semigalia). Jelgava was the capital of the united Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (1578-1795) and the administrative center of the Courland Governorate (1795-1918).

1. Restorans PARKS

Krisjana Barona iela 3, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 63 024 188 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service, Outdoor Seating, Full Bar European, Eastern European, Central European
Overall Ratings

4 based on 134 reviews

Restorans PARKS

Reviewed By vladysyn - Riga, Latvia

Great add to the city

Idea to separate Restaurant and Bistro is interesting. Design is cozy and very relaxing with lots of flowers. Staff was very kind on the phone, by suggesting better table. Food range is different to all kind of preferences. Also a good idea to go with children (kids menu is nice), or organize a celebration. Octopus was very soft and well served.

2. Chocolate & Pepper

Krishjana Barona iela 6, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 63 010 220 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch Reservations, Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Table Service, Takeout European
Overall Ratings

4 based on 73 reviews

Chocolate & Pepper

Reviewed By Julija Monika S - Klaipeda, Lithuania

Perfect place with family

Amazingly tasty food with good prices and food was served like at high level restaurant, except that it was normal portion. super friendly staff, there was corner for kids to play, and by that I mean not just paper and broken pencils, but really good and interesting toys for kids. You should try their homemade limonade,and everything on their meniu. We will be back once we will drive by Jelgava. P.s. you can sit outside or choose to sit inside where was working air conditioning.

3. ACADEMIA coffee and breakfast bar

Akademijas iela 4a, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 28 951 491 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Drinks Seating, Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Parking Available, Street Parking, Free Off-Street Parking, Highchairs Available, Full Bar, Digital Payments, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards Cafe, European
Overall Ratings

5 based on 20 reviews

ACADEMIA coffee and breakfast bar

We are ACADEMIA kafijas un brokastu bārs (Coffee and breakfast bar). Here we are serving espresso-based drinks as well as alternatively brewed coffee of various origins. Specialty coffee only! Apart from that we offer buckwheat waffles, cereals, pancakes,

Reviewed By vladysyn - Riga, Latvia

Hidden Coffee Gem

Always great experience after this adorable speciality coffee spot. Staff always warmly waiting for you, so you’ll always leave with a feeling that they like what they do. Introduction to coffee, events, social active - good job! ;) So nice that coffees are often different and the menu is progressing. Definitely target point in Jelgava, when you think about coffee. All the best luck!!!

4. Pilsetas Elpa

Pasta sala 1, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 26 633 703 Brunch Reservations, Seating, Table Service, Wheelchair Accessible European
Overall Ratings

4 based on 23 reviews

Pilsetas Elpa

Reviewed By Linucz - Latvia

Nice food

I loved the atmosphere here and the food was good too. The price could be cheaper. Service is really nice and good.

5. Rosso Pizza

Liela iela 34, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 63 011 777 Lunch, Dinner Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Seating Italian, Pizza
Overall Ratings

5 based on 21 reviews

Rosso Pizza

The real Italian pizzeria in Latvia

Reviewed By Zigmars B

The best pizza in Jelgava

We've eaten a lot of pizza! Also in Italy, the Italian pizza but "Rosso Pizza" Jelgava was a surprise to us. This is the real Italian pizza with real Italian taste. Tomato paste (not ketchup), good cheese and the right pizza base. Pizza "Prosciutto Cotto" was our favorite.

6. Bistro "Silva"

Driksas iela 9, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 20 202 117 Brunch, Breakfast Seating, Wheelchair Accessible European
Bistro "Silva"

Reviewed By MikeLondonSE - London, United Kingdom

Convenient2bus stn,cheap&tasty beer&food with street terrace offering wider beer selection.

Convenient2bus stn,cheap&tasty beer&food with street terrace offering wider beer selection.We three British middle-aged guys are on our last week of a touring LV and LT. We'd heard about this interesting university town and booked JLC Hostel room ahead based on B.c reviews and prices. Jelgava is not a touristy town. We arrived from Rundãle at 12:43 after the bumpy 1.5hr bus journey on Monday 3/7/17.We could only check in at 15:00 so found a left luggage place in the bus station (70cents for three items, which closed at 16:30), looked up restaurants on TA using the free (ubiquitous and very useful!) Lattecom wifi in the bus station and found Silva terrace nearby in the main pedestrian street to have a beer in. The terrace was deserted and the barman was idle obviously. He cheered up as we three tourists arrived to refresh ourselves at the only outdoor place in town it seemed and good for people watching.The beer was a very good price too and he had bottled dark beers which we preferred for €1.75 each (.5l draught at €1.70).We ended up chatting with the otherwise bored barman whose English was very good and had travelled Europe and usually worked in Riga (so knew all about Stag Parties). This was his home town and he was helping out the canteen style restaurant by holding the fort on the terrace bar. He explained that the canteen people owned the street land opposite and it was a money loser if anything in this cool and windy weather. We were grateful, however, and talked about many things. He was obviously too good for this job!We checked out the canteen, good prices and decor with lots of locals and no tourists. No doubt it is full of students too. The chap from the tower was eating there (after recommending we eat in the new Pilsetas Elpa on the island). I reassured him this was a snack before we ate there. We ended up eating at the cheaper and more established Istaba restaurant by the new bridge near the church tower.After our beers we explored the town and returned for a late light lunch and another beer at 16:25. We were hoping to eat properly later so this was a snack really.The canteen decor was bright. There were two big rooms for lunch (the far one closed in the afternoon) and there were conference rooms upstairs too!The canteen had a good range of food, including salads that my veggie friend appreciated. The server explained the options in reasonable English. I had a simple marinated fish (in tomato and onion sauce) from the cold cabinet and cake whilst he had a battered fish fillet and Russian style salad. Our friend had potato pancakes and another Russian style salad too with kompote. The whole lot was €14.30 which was fine. It was not fine dining but did the job.My friend did not really like his fish fillet and we swapped half way through. He like the tastier marinated fish fillet more (although it seemed to be the battered fish from yesterday just marinated instead. No problem as it had all been refrigerated! My cake was not very chocolatey and a bit dry as it was on display in the open. I should have chosen the better cakes in the cabinets; my fault. The beers were plain draught as they had no bottles inside. The outside terrace is more if a bar in good weather, although you can take your food to it. Best to do that if you want a better range of beers. It is a covered terrace so OK in the rain.Overall it was quite tasty and did the job at a good price.

7. KRO Kebabnica

Matera iela 40, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 28 884 300 Lunch, Dinner Turkish, Middle Eastern, Pakistani
KRO Kebabnica

Reviewed By 38artak

Greatest chicken wraps

I tried chicken kebab with fries and garlic sauce. Fries and sauce were quite good but not amazing, they were supposed to be belgian fries but they tasted just like regular fast food fries. The kebab though was really great only I wouldn't call it a kebab but a chicken wrap, it was an amazing chicken wrap, they use fresh veggies and sauce that tasted like sweet chili thai sauce, the meat was delicious and it had nice overall spiciness.- the only negative, there's usually a long wait even though theres never been many people around when I visit

8. Putnu Darzs

Liela iela 6, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 63 026 633 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Table Service
Overall Ratings

4 based on 17 reviews

Putnu Darzs

Reviewed By SigneZZZ

Bar - restaurant "Plate" in hotel "Jelgava"

Bar - restaurant "Plate" is a very nice place in hotel "Jelgava". You can enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner with your family or friends there. Food is fresh and tasty. Menu is full of different dishes for different tastes. Also there is playground for children and outside area with several small private lounge houses where you can enjoy your meal. Inside interior is beautiful and ceiling is covered with paintings. It's definitely worth to see it and taste it.

9. Tami Tami

Liela iela 19a, Jelgava 3001 Latvia +371 26 633 433 Lunch Pizza, European, Soups

Reviewed By andrew b - Riga, Latvia

worst service seen in a long time, ok food, almost full hour wait.

Plain rude personell, haven't seen anything like this in many years everyone, waitresses, bartender, just didn't know how to behave themselves. After waiting for 10 minutes for the menu and giving the waitresses the looks I went to the bar and asked for menu myself. The answer was actually, here the girls bring the menu. Bartender asho had an attitude! After cathing the wait staff 3 times and asking for menu we werre granted the menu 15 minutes later. The prices are on par with riga center, and though the portions are generous and the food is ok, nothing justifies what one has to come trough to get it. Atmosphere is non existant because half the clientelle are students, other are families with kids, so the wait was the longest 50 minutes in my life. Never again. Thank you, Jelgava, still the worst town to visit in Latvija.

10. Kafejnica Zemnieka Cienasts

Jelgavas Novads Stalgene, Jelgava 3031 Latvia +371 29 193 192
Kafejnica Zemnieka Cienasts

Reviewed By Mark D - Aylesbury, United Kingdom

Fresh locally-sourced produce, great variety and ambience

I was taken to this restaurant by some Latvian friends who live locally, so it is well-known for its quality. They pride themselves on having all home-grown produce, and fresh. We enjoyed solyanka soup (as soup of the day) which was excellent. The main dishes were extremely attractively presented, and very tasty - from tiger shrimps to chicken in blue cheese. The Baked Alaska was also Gordon Ramsay-esque in presentation.But prices are very attractive too!We had a room on an upper level, which meant peace and quiet to talk. (only one gripe - the WC - needed unblocking!)

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