Top 10 foods in King Abdullah Economic City, Makkah Province

Discover the best food in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia including Seasons, AlBaik, Burger King, Bhar Restaurant, Steakhouse, Bertr's Cafe, Casper & Gambini's, Baskin Robbins, Panino's Restaurant, Modo Restaurant and Cafe

1. Seasons

7183 Juman St, King Abdulla Economic City, Jeddah Saudi Arabia +966 12 510 6400 Breakfast, Dinner, Brunch, Lunch Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service International

Seasons Restaurant brings you a cosmopolitan blend Buffet of Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian, Arabic, Mediterranean and European flavors with special theme nights. International "à la carte" menu and buffet selection available. The Seasons Restaurant is loc

Reviewed By abdulrahman542 - Nejran, Saudi Arabia

Amazing Selection

We enjoyed our breakfast here with nice selection and great staff especially mr. Ahmad Shehata so nice and helpful The launch was also good especially the salad corner The dinner was unforgettable it was barbecue night having fish , shrimp, meat, and crab with plenty of different choices of sweets

2. AlBaik

Juman Karting, King Abdullah Economic City 23964 Saudi Arabia +966 800 244 2245 American

Reviewed By asad_imran - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Who don't likes AlBaik - and a place when you are far away from the city it's nice to have some budget food ;).

3. Burger King

Marina Promenade, King Abdullah Economic City 23964 Saudi Arabia +966 55 213 5914 American
Burger King

Reviewed By abdulrahman542 - Nejran, Saudi Arabia

Great Location at Marina

We went here walking from views hotel above the bridge and we really enjoyed the atmosphere passing over the canal at marina The restaurant is clean and the staff was welcoming and helpful My kids have their meal inside the restaurant and they enjoyed a lot

4. Bhar Restaurant

Beach Walk - Bay La Sun, King Abdullah Economic City 23964 Saudi Arabia +966 54 437 6284 Lebanese, Mediterranean

Great Grill, Fresh Taste!

Reviewed By Mariam H - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

authentic lebanese food

food was good with a very nice view and atmosphere, service was very good, highly recommended, especially the grilled chicken.

5. Steakhouse

King Abdullah Economic City Saudi Arabia +966 11 243 9018 Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night, Drinks Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar, Digital Payments, Free Wifi American

Reviewed By ToonTowner - Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Great steakhouse

A group of us ate at the Steakhouse next to the Bay La Sands hotel in October of 2018. Would I eat here again? Yes. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes.The Steakhouse is chain restaurant. This one is right on the cannel in King Abdullah Economic City. It won't disappoint you. I had a rib-eye and it was great. Prices are a little on the high side but it is the only game in town right now. Of course, no alcohol being in KSA. However, drinks are prices as if they did contain alcohol - I can never figure that one out.If you found my review helpful please let me know by clicking the "Thanks" button.

6. Bertr's Cafe

Beach Walk - Bay La Sun Beach 1 building, King Abdullah Economic City 23964 Saudi Arabia +966 55 922 7904 French, International

A true french Café Contemporain, Bert's offers a variety of food and drinks that fit every moment of the day.

Reviewed By almatador1406 - Nejran, Saudi Arabia

مدينة الملك عبدالله الاقتصادية

من أشهر المواقع اللي في المدينة الاقتصادية فيه مودو قريب منهينافس له لكن فيه أماكن أخرى كل واحد يمتاز بحاجة التقييم ٩ من ١٠

7. Casper & Gambini's

Bay Views - Bay La Sun, King Abdullah Economic City 23964 Saudi Arabia +966 2 663 7979 International
Casper & Gambini's

Reviewed By abdulrahman542 - Nejran, Saudi Arabia

Open Air Breakfast

We have an amazing family breakfast early also morning and the staff was excellent and helpful and the location was superb We go for bread basket with 3 flavors of cheese, 2 jams and labnah with olive plus grilled hallomi with brown bread and salads also eggs with cheese and fruits pancakes Drinks amazing coffee and fresh orange The food selection and quality was tasty and delicious

8. Baskin Robbins

Beach Walk - Bay La Sun Beach tower 1, King Abdullah Economic City 23965 Saudi Arabia +966 3 834 3410 International
Baskin Robbins

Reviewed By abdulrahman542 - Nejran, Saudi Arabia

Amazing Location & Fast Service

First time to be here we where here at around 4 pm and was very crowded but the staff was welcoming and very fastThey have great location just on front of the beach and we enjoyed having ice cream at the beach

9. Panino's Restaurant

Beach Walk - Bay La Sun Beach building 2, King Abdullah Economic City 23964 Saudi Arabia +966 50 606 0241 Italian

Handmade baked bread in the Italian tradition Only the freshest ingredients Grilled not fried Home made preservative free sauces and dressing Healthy options Flavors from around the world

Reviewed By Fahad R

Lunch at Panino's

In a City like KAEC Panino's is one of the best offordable/reasonable restaurants. Food quality and service is good too.

10. Modo Restaurant and Cafe

Beach Walk - Bay La Sun Beach building 2, King Abdullah Economic City 23964 Saudi Arabia +966 9200 13613 Turkish
Modo Restaurant and Cafe

Reviewed By arwaalturki - Medina, Saudi Arabia

عادي جداً

عادي جداً الأكل وغالي جداً لكن الشاي كويس ميزانية الشخص الواحد لا تقل عن ٦٠ ريال للإفطار

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