Top 10 Pluak Daeng, Rayong Province foods

Discover the best food in Pluak Daeng, Thailand including The Orchard Restaurant, Wish You Were Here Restaurant, Angel's Buffet Bistro Grill, Jenjira Kung Ten, Sermmit seafood, The Park Restaurant & Cafe, Jidapha Kaiyang Khao Suan Kwang Restaurant, Lung Nian Restaurant, Ban Chan Restaurant, Krua Pa Ta

1. The Orchard Restaurant

Tessaban 12 Road Khlong Tamru, Chonburi 20000 Thailand +66 38 109 455 International, Mediterranean, Thai
The Orchard Restaurant

The Kameo Hotel is a new venue for business travellers in Amata Nakorn, Bangpakong. We offer you not only the convenience to support your busy schedule but superbly appointed and spacious five-star suites, with all the facilities and comforts you expect t

Reviewed By Sasivimol S

Japanese Buffet

Japanese Buffet on Saturday night ; Good and Fresh Sashimi with reasonable price. And also made by order . It’s a good place to chit & chat with the gang. Thank you for your brief but clearly satisfied comments on your visit to The Orchard Restaurant at Kameo Hotel, Amata. Bangpakong. We are pleased that you found the ambiance relaxing and enjoyable and we hope to serve you all again very soon.Yours sincerely, The Management of The Orchard Restaurant, Kameo Hotel, Amata, Bangpakong. Cape and Kantary Hotels supports SOS Children’s Villages and the TSPCA. We do not serve foie gras, birds’ nest or shark’s fin and we stand firmly against the exploitation of Thai elephants for commerce or entertainment.

2. Wish You Were Here Restaurant

500/125 Moo 3 Esie Plaza3, Pluak Daeng 21140 Thailand +66 38 026 337 Italian, International, Thai
Wish You Were Here Restaurant

Reviewed By CheontheRoad - Vadodara, India

Good food

I had a meal here 2 times during my Rayong visit and enjoyed the food both the times. Be it the Pizza Carbonara or the Seafood Pizza! The food was served quickly and was well packed too. I would be definitely ordering again from here.

3. Angel's Buffet Bistro Grill

24/1 Moo 4, Pluak Daeng 21140 Thailand +66 98 512 5968 http://ANGELSRAYONG.COM Italian, International, Asian, Thai
Angel's Buffet Bistro Grill

Every day we offer buffet menu only 250 THB per person We serve 12 hot dishes: 8 best Italian choices and 5 Thai dishes and 12 cold dishes (salads, cold cuts, vegetables, pickles, and more ) Buffet also includes: Fresh Bread and Bruschetta Choice of 3 dif

Reviewed By Copacabana P

Excellent buffet

Buffet at lunch excellent quality and acceptable price only 250 baht European Thai buffet , varieties of selection , recommended

4. Jenjira Kung Ten

Mae Nam Khu, Dok Krai Reservoir, Pluak Daeng 21140 Thailand +66 93 909 0178 Lunch
Jenjira Kung Ten

Reviewed By David B - Rayong, Thailand

Dancing Prawns

Jenjira is a restaurant at Rayong's Dok Krai Reservoir, in the north of the province. Or rather it is at and "on" the reservoir, because rickety walkways extend over the water to stilted chalets sitting in the lake.We visited on a Sunday, which proved to be a very busy day because this restaurant is obviously popular with the locals.We had a plate of deep, crispy fried sheathe fish in garlic, some raw vegetables with an anchovy past dipping sauce, an a lemon grass salad with peanuts, plump prawns and salted duck egg. Most unusual of all was a dish called "Dancing Prawns" and it was literally that. The live miniscule prawns had been tossed into a small fishbowl shaped bowl on top of finely chopped chilis, garlic, fresh mint leaves and other spices. A plate had been placed over the top of the fishbowl to stop the prawns leaping out. But that didn't stop the prawns jumping off our plates onto the table and into our laps when we spooned them out onto our plates. It was quite a challenge rounding them up, putting them back on the plate and tucking in. The dish was very spicy.With rice and a bottle of Leo beer the bill was a modest Baht 640.

5. Sermmit seafood

Bypass Route 36, Nikhom Phatthana 21180 Thailand +66 90 726 8456 Seafood, Thai
Sermmit seafood

Reviewed By Chul S

Good value for realy local sea food

This is another good choice for a seafood restaurant beside the famous Laem Charaen seafood which is quiet difficult to find. But Sermmit seafood is on highway 36 which is a by-pass road from Bang-la-mung from the famous Pattaya to Rayong and Chantaburi on the out-bound from BKK. So it is very convenience not to go into town to have sesfoodLots of varieties to choose from. Good taste and reasonable price.

6. The Park Restaurant & Cafe

Pacific Park Hotel & Residence ,1 st Floor, Si Racha Thailand International
The Park Restaurant & Cafe

Reviewed By Somboon V

Best all day dining place in Sriracha

This all around menu restaurant offers all types of menus at their very best. Among popular dishes are Fried Chicken Wings, Cheese Spinach, Tempura, Basil Beef, Tom Yum, Fish with White Wine Sauce ...Karaoke is provided at dinner.

7. Jidapha Kaiyang Khao Suan Kwang Restaurant

331 Rd. Bo-Win, Si Racha 20230 Thailand +66 82 716 1560 Asian
Jidapha Kaiyang Khao Suan Kwang Restaurant

Reviewed By Gianvittorio C


Good atmosphere and very good food home made style - be back often ideal for LUNCH DINNER ANY DAY TIME

8. Lung Nian Restaurant

68/48-49 Tambon Khao Mai Kaeo, 20150 Thailand Thai
Lung Nian Restaurant

Reviewed By andreasr548

A little gem!

Thai tastes as it best.Worth a detour if you like thai quality made food.Very moderate pricesOpen all day.Also have some western food and coffee with lots of cakes,fruit and ice cream desserts.Will definitely come back!

9. Ban Chan Restaurant

Thetsaban Road, Highway 3138, Ban Khai Thailand +66 99 871 8889
Ban Chan Restaurant

Reviewed By David B - Rayong, Thailand

Stylish Decor - Great Food

Ban Chan, which means "My House" in Thai, is a smart and stylish restaurant that opened in Ban Khai two months ago.The restaurant is tastefully and stylishly designed, with clean modern lines. The tables are polished wood and the chairs are upholstered. The tableware is matching white plates, bowls and serving dishes, which is a pleasant change from so many Thai restaurants which have a mismatched collection of plastic plates and bowls. We had bought along our own bottle of wine and much to my surprise the waiter produced to large red wine goblets for us.But best of all is the food. It is sensational, authentic Thai, with some western dishes thrown in for good measure.The servings are relatively small and there were six of us, so we decided to explore the menu - which is in Thai, but there are 60 postage stamp sized photographs to help you make a selection.We started with two Thai salads, one pork based and one seafood based. They were spicy and tangy.Next we had chicken in a sour and spicy soup and a sea bass in a red "jungle style" curry.We had small chicken sausages wrapped in bacon and grilled, fried pork wontons, fried chicken wings and a plate of small fish crispy fried so you could eat the whole fish. All of these came with their own dipping sauces.Out of nowhere the owner of the restaurant put a bowl of pork goulash on the table for us to try. I think he must have been experimenting in the kitchen and wanted to see what we thought. It was good, but a little on the sweet side for my taste.With a bowl of rice, four bottles of Singha beer and two fruit shakes the total bill came to a very modest Baht 1,600.This new restaurant deserves to succeed.

10. Krua Pa Ta

Baan Khai - Nong Khok Mu Rd., Rayong 21120 Thailand +66 38 869 426
Krua Pa Ta

Reviewed By David B - Rayong, Thailand

Iconic Rayong Restaurant

Krua Pa Ta (Auntie Ta's Kitchen) is a well-known restaurant in rural Rayong's Ban Khai district, and people travel for miles for its signature dish, crispy fried catfish in a spicy chili sauce. In fact, the restaurant is more commonly known as "Catfish Restaurant" among locals.The cat fish is cutletted and deep fried until it is so crispy you eat it bones an all. That might not sound particularly appetizing, but wait until you have tried it.Its other memorable dishes include a Chinese savoury egg custard, served in a brazier with glass noodles and prawns, and it cooks itself at your table.Krua Pa Ta is in the super cheap category. Nine of us ate lunch yesterday and the bill was Baht 1,300.If you are not planning on lingering over lunch, it is best to telephone ahead and order the catfish and the egg custard dishes, as they take some time to prepare.

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