Top 10 Tabouk, Tabouk Province foods

Discover the best food in Tabouk, Saudi Arabia including Jandofly, Subway, Al Qriah Al Tarithia, Syed Al Biryani Restaurant, Fridays, Mariposa, Potatoes Mix, Al Qramosha, Al Basha, Al Bustan Restaurant

1. Jandofly

King Abdulaziz Rd opposite King Khalid Military Hospital, Tabouk Saudi Arabia 244424442 Lunch, Dinner Seating, Reservations, Table Service Seafood, Soups
Overall Ratings

4 based on 31 reviews


Reviewed By mohd a

Don't waste your time and money

The location of the restaurant is very bad .Very hard to find parking place for your car. The fish not fresh usually and it is likely refrozen. The taste is not super as some of the non expert say.The prices are to high if you compare it to the service ,quality and the decoration. Finally : the should achieve everything to match the customers satisfaction.

2. Subway

Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Road, Tabouk 47911 Saudi Arabia

Reviewed By Jovial D

customizable stuff

can one beat the taste of subway. one can choose what goes in the sandwich, the vegetables are so fresh and the cuts of meat are tasty indeed.

3. Al Qriah Al Tarithia

King Khalid Street opposite the Hala Hotel, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern
Overall Ratings

4 based on 22 reviews

Al Qriah Al Tarithia

Reviewed By Lincon H - Tabuk

Al Qriah Al Tarithia

This restaurant offers traditional Saudi fare and is quite remarkable. It is situated in a building constructed in traditional style and is located opposite the Hala Hotel. Inside it is also like a museum with images of Tabuk in bygone days. Seating accommodation is in tented areas and cubicals. They prepare very good capsa, particularly chicken.

4. Syed Al Biryani Restaurant

King Abdul Aziz Road Shop #2 Ezza Tower, Tabouk Saudi Arabia +966 50 027 5858
Overall Ratings

4 based on 11 reviews

Syed Al Biryani Restaurant

Reviewed By Amjad A - Jeddah

Best Indian Food in Town

food is Delicious and they have variety of dishes prices are fareyou must tell the waiter how spicy you need before order there is two section family section and single male sectionin family section each table has its own privacy.

5. Fridays

King Abdullah Road, Tabouk Saudi Arabia +966 54 086 0328 American

Reviewed By YaserKKK - Zagazig, Egypt

The best in Tabuk

The place is very nicely decorated. Delicious food. Friendly always smiling staff. The best in Tabuk!!Thanks a lot and hopefully always win your pursuers

6. Mariposa

King Saud Rd 1161, Tabouk 71431 Saudi Arabia +966 14 425 1614 Dinner, Lunch, Brunch Wheelchair Accessible, Takeout, Seating, Parking Available, Street Parking, Television, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Reservations, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service Moroccan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern

Inventive Middle-Eastern & Mediterranean dishes in a warm, welcoming interior.

Reviewed By Mohannad A - Tabuk

Wonderful experience

Nice family section with alot of delicious meals .. i liked the mix grilled plate with shawerma and beef steak with royal sauce .. and don't miss the soup in the bread bowl and the kunafa with ice cream Dear Mohannad AThank you for writing review about Mariposa. It is our goal to maintain the highest standards of service and we appreciate the time you have taken to write to us. We will be delighted to serve you again. Yours sincerely,

7. Potatoes Mix

Omar Ben Alkhattab St., Tabouk Saudi Arabia +966 50 613 6751 European, Turkish
Potatoes Mix

we are selling jacket potato in six different meals tips cheeses, mortadella, tuna, vegetables, classic with white beans & MIX.

Reviewed By 778kareemh - Tabouk, Saudi Arabia

Jacket Potatoes

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Tabuk making jacket potatoes in six different meals tips cheeses, mortadella, tuna, vegetables, classic with white beans & MIX. And it is the only restaurant specialized in this tips of food in Tabuk.

8. Al Qramosha

near the Al Oleiyah roundabout, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern

Reviewed By mohd a

It is not a middle eastern

The restaurant is a very famous in all over the saudi arabia. It serving the traditional hijazi food like mutabbaq a very delicious meal which contains blended meat ,banana and some of the green onion and cooked over a heated oil above large flat metal plate it cost only 3 or 4 SRThe other famous meal is ma'soop .The ingredients usually are blended toast .banana. butter and honey. It is very delicious and it can be breakfast,lunch and dinner. It cost around 7 or 10 SR .The restaurant offers the take away orders and there are tables if you like to have the meal in side the restaurant. Unfortunately women not wellcomed in it

9. Al Basha

Al Oleiyah, Tabouk Saudi Arabia Middle Eastern

Reviewed By 100worldtraveller - Gaithersburg, Maryland

Among the best in Tabuk

We have had consistently good Arabic food at Al Basha. The restaurant in the Olaya district with the family section upstairs is probably the nicest atmosphere of any restaurant in the city.

10. Al Bustan Restaurant

King Fahd Street, Tabouk Saudi Arabia +966 14 423 0004 Dinner Reservations, Seating, Table Service Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
Overall Ratings

3 based on 30 reviews

Al Bustan Restaurant

Reviewed By majs337 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Great Food Selection

I think it is One of the best restaurants in this Tabuk area. They have a wide selection of dishes from all over the world. Service was very good and the prices are more than reasonable. If you visit this part of Saudi Arabia it one of your good choices to eat.

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