Where to Eat in Dana: The Best Restaurants and Bars

Discover the best food in Dana, Jordan including Kir Heres Restaurant, Fienans Way Restaurant, Dana Hotel, Rainbow Restaurant, Adel-Halabi Restaurant, King's Castle Restaurant, Kings Restaurant

1. Kir Heres Restaurant

Al-Qalaa St, Karak 61111 Jordan +962 7 9658 5500 Dinner, Lunch Reservations, Seating, Table Service Middle Eastern
Overall Ratings

4 based on 116 reviews

Kir Heres Restaurant

Reviewed By 4PeterV - Boulder, Colorado

Sublime bbq chicken

Lunch here transcends the typical tourist buffet. The delicious bbq chicken was boneless and marinated in lemon and thyme. Accompanying cauliflower and French fries were also delicious. Service was a little slow, but provided time to rest during a busy day of site seeing.

2. Fienans Way Restaurant

Dana Vilage, Dana Jordan +962 7 7554 7048 Lunch, Dinner Seating, Table Service Middle Eastern
Overall Ratings

4 based on 30 reviews

Fienans Way Restaurant

Reviewed By threehens - London, United Kingdom

very welcoming

Having arrived mid-afternoon at the village we inquired about lunch in the Dana Moon hotel. The very friendly guy showed us to the attached café and offered to open the kitchen. He gave us an option of a local meat and veg stew, which we accepted. There was no menu. The food was freshly prepared and took approximately 30 minutes to arrive. In the meantime we sat at a table on the roof and drank some coffee.The food was very good, service good, price very reasonable and on the whole it was a very nice experience.

3. Dana Hotel

Main Street, Dana 66666 Jordan +962 3 227 0537 https://www.facebook.com/Dana.Hotel.Jordan Dinner Reservations, Table Service Mediterranean
Overall Ratings

4 based on 13 reviews

Dana Hotel

Reviewed By mrdom

Good buffets with good vegetable dishes

This entry is for the Dana Hotel's restaurant. It's intended for hotel guests but you can probably get on the list if you book in advance. The buffet can be inconsistent but usually has some good dishes, including many vegetarian dishes, that are good value for JOD6.

4. Rainbow Restaurant

1329 East Main Street Dana Village, Dana 06608 Jordan +962 7 9568 8853 http://www.dana-tower-hotel.com/ Steakhouse
Rainbow Restaurant

Reviewed By Melanie T - Montreal, Canada

Fantastic food and atmosphere

After a long day of hiking or sightseeing, what more could a person want than a huge, delicious buffet and great company? That's exactly what the Rainbow Restaurant at Dana Tower Hotel provides. There are tasty local dishes (many vegetarian options) and many other travellers to chat with, as everybody has dinner together. A wonderful atmosphere - a highlight that is not to be missed!

5. Adel-Halabi Restaurant

King Hussein Street, Karak 61110 Jordan
Adel-Halabi Restaurant

Reviewed By RLION51 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Local cuisine with one of world's friendliest proprietors

Small local restaurant since 1938 just a short walk from the Karak castle. Inside space seats about 15 or so. Local foods including okra stew and cooked right across from the tables. Proprietor every friendly. Nothing fancy just great inexpensive local experience.

6. King's Castle Restaurant

Karak Castle Area, Karak 61110 Jordan 202396070 Lunch Seating Middle Eastern
Overall Ratings

2 based on 24 reviews

King's Castle Restaurant

Reviewed By bwanaalan - Salisbury, United Kingdom

Special treats

Some unusual salads in the lunch-time buffet including red cabbage, beetroot and small stuffed aubergines. The neck of lamb in yoghurt was wonderfully tender and tasty; the fish in a light batter especially good. Sweets were disappointing by comparison. Bottles of wine can be bought at (for Jordan) a reasonable price.

7. Kings Restaurant

Al-Mujamma St, Karak 61110 Jordan +962 2396070 Seating, Table Service Middle Eastern
Overall Ratings

1 based on 63 reviews

Kings Restaurant

Reviewed By Crismaja - Pavia, Italy

Pessimo! bad!!!

I ordered rice with vegetables and there were no vegetables, only white rice (3 dinars)in the dish there were residues of meat that the owner took away in front of me with his hands.I gave it to a cat that did not like it

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